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Thread: Baby owls play in Spring sunshine

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    Default Baby owls play in Spring sunshine

    They are normally happier coming out at night but these two European Eagle owl chicks seemed happy playing in the Spring sunshine.

    Owl chicks: Two newborn European Eagle owl chicks enjoying the spring blossom at the Suffolk Owl sanctuary in Stonham, Suffolk Photo: ALBAN PIX

    The wide-eyed chicks which hatched just two-weeks-ago appeared content to investigate some pink blossom on a tree branch.
    The arrival of the pair has delighted staff at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary at Stonham Barns near Ipswich, Suffolk.
    An Asia brown wood owl and two lanner falcons have also hatched at the centre in recent days.
    Andy Hulme, manager of the sanctuary, said: "It is looking like a really good breeding season. It is all down to the extra light we are getting now."
    The European eagle owl's mother, Rhiea, was the sanctuary's first ever owl when she arrived in 1995 and was a star performer for many years.
    But when she turned 12, she tired of public demonstrations and turned towards courting and having offspring with a male owl called Sam.
    The lanner falcons are being reared by keepers, using tweezers to feed them, until they are around 12 days old and can be given back to their parents.
    Staff are also hopeful that a new crop of snowy owls, currently being incubated by their mother, Snowdrop, will successfully hatch.
    Nineteen-year-old Snowdrop has already had 34 youngsters in her lifetime and the offspring have gone to various places round the world from Japan to Holland.
    Baby harris hawks and southern-faced scops owls could also be on their way over the Bank Holiday weekend.
    But the sanctuary is becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of Inca, the Turkey Vulture, which escaped from the centre last month.
    The two-foot tall bird with a five foot wingspan has been spotted in several locations around Suffolk since being blown off course in a training exercise on April 7, but there have been no reported sightings for a week.
    Mr Hulme said: "It could mean he's moved further away or something bad has happened to him. We are asking people to keep their eyes peeled."

    Baby owls play in Spring sunshine - Telegraph

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    I love owls-but what is the little chick in the middle? I see 3-not two babies.
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    they look like lintballs

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    we have an owl by our window every night, hoot hoot. but we've never seen him.
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    Poor little dears...they are so damn ugly. I did google to see what they look like as adults, much better.

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    They're so ugly they're cute.
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