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Thread: The baby kangaroo who fell out of her pouch after mother was scared by an emu

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    Default The baby kangaroo who fell out of her pouch after mother was scared by an emu

    With her huge furrry ears and long, quivering nose, baby kangaroo Tijana is utterly adorable.
    But her unarguable cuteness hides a rather unfortunate start to her short life.
    At just a few weeks old, the tiny creature tumbled from the pouch of her mother, who had been terrified by an emu.
    Adorable: Tijana shows her inquisitive side as she peers out of the incubator where she spends most of her time

    Tijana, who lives at Belgrade Zoo, in Serbia, had to be retrieved by staff and is now being handreared.
    She is still so young she cannot survive outside of a pouch and must stay in a special incubator, where the temperature remains a constant 35C.
    Making friends: The joey is having to be handreared by staff after she tumbled from her mother's pouch

    Biologists have also made a special set of canvas pouches so she can be carried around by staff.
    Tijana has to be fed every two hours with a special milk that arrived from America and Germany. The Australian embassy is also sending some supplies.
    Young kangaroos, known as joeys, crawl into the pouch as soon as they are born.
    Feeding time: Tijana needs special milk which has been imported from Germany and America

    They spend approximately 190 days curled up in the warm and make their first forays out into the world at the end of that time.
    At around 235 days, the joey leaves the pouch for good but will spend another few months with its mother before becoming independent.

    Big ears: Biologists have also created special pouches so she can be carried around

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    Cuuuuuuuuuuute! Hope she makes it.

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    Down by da beach....boyeee


    Awww, I wonder why they didn't give her right back to the Mama Kangaroo...
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    What a darling!
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    If Serbian caretaker travels to find rich Western celebrity for fame, profits and lovemaking, that kangaroo is FUCKED.
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    that article was weird... ok so did the joey fall out of the pouch in Serbia... if so i would imagine that this all occured within the zoo... if thats the case is there a particular reason why they didnt return the joey back to the pouch.
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    ^Maybe the mother rejected her once she came out of the pouch...

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    Aww.. poor sweetheart. She's adorable
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