Porcupine Saves Zoo From Cutbacks

(April 13) -
When you think of a porcupine, you normally don't think of an animal that's capable of being a hero. But Wednesday is no ordinary porcupine, and she's being credited with saving the jobs of many people at the Bronx Zoo, according to the New York Daily News.

Facing proposed $9 billion in funding cuts for New York City zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens, the Wildlife Conservation Society used Wednesday in an online video campaign aimed at the state legislature. In one of the videos, Wednesday is shown getting pink-slipped by the director of the Bronx Zoo. The campaign prompted tens of thousands of New Yorkers to send letters of protest to the state government. Legislators apparently got the message and rescinded the budget cutbacks.

Check out Wednesday in her first commercial, below. And get more information on the city's zoos at the Bronx Zoo Web site.