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Thread: Meet Bailey the golden retriever who ate 4 gloves, a mitten, a stocking & 9 socks

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    Default Meet Bailey the golden retriever who ate 4 gloves, a mitten, a stocking & 9 socks

    Two golf gloves, one mitten, a stocking, ten socks and a couple of rugby gloves might seem like a reasonable load of washing to some.
    But to Bailey the golden retriever, it was nothing more than a light lunch.
    For although his owners didn't know, the seven-year-old dog had a taste for the odd piece of clothing. And when no one was looking, he'd steal a sock and munch away.

    Fashion hungry: Bailey and the garments he snacked on

    Bailey might have got away with it too, if it hadn't been for his digestive tract.
    When mother of two Nicola Perrett took the dog to the vet for his yearly check-up, staff noticed a hard mass in his stomach. Fearing it was a tumour, they decided to operate.
    Mrs Perrett, 44, a B&Q customer service manage, of Poole, Dorset, said: 'He had got quite a bit quieter but we put that down to him getting older. This year he had lost a bit of weight and the vet must have been able to feel a lump.
    'They phoned me to say they thought he had a tumour and I cried all morning at work.'
    As it turned out, there was no tumour --but the vet did find 17 objects in Bailey's stomach, including a piece of towel.
    'It was like doing a magic trick. We were just pulling out one sock after another,' said Keith Moore, of the Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen.
    'It is amazing that he was not more unwell or sick but was still eating his food.
    'Vets do a fair number of foreign object removals but I doubt I will ever see anything like this again.'

    Much better: Bailey is recovering well after the socks and other items were removed

    Meet Bailey the golden retriever who ate four gloves, a mitten, a stocking and NINE socks but lived to wag his tail | Mail Online

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    Who knew it was so difficult to digest a sock? (Glad he's okay.)

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    He's a real beauty.

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    Josie had a corn cob in her stomach for two or three months...they can't digest them.

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    adorable dog. Glad he's ok now that the load of laundry has been removed
    My dog has a taste for shoes. One pair in particular. They're just cheap lace slip ons, I love them, and he's chewed up all 4 pairs I've bought. I've just kept replacing them, and he's kept taking them. I even gave him an old shoe to chew, and he wasn't interested in that shoe. He's not swallowing like Bailey did though. He's just chewing and making them completely unwearable

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    Wow, how the heck did he survive that many objects inside of him
    What a beauty though...

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