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Thread: Bonded cat-dog duo seeks new home!

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    Default Bonded cat-dog duo seeks new home!

    Frieda, a two-year old female Chihuahua, and Morgana, a nine-month old female tabby mix, huddled together in a purple backpack last week after they were surrendered to the Marin Humane Society (MHS).
    Morgana and Frieda are the best of pals.

    The unlikely pair are victims of the shaky economic times; Frieda and Morgana's owner recently lost her home as a result of the financial crisis.
    "Frieda and Morgana are best friends, so we want to find them a home where they can be together," says MHS spokesperson Carrie Harrington. "Bonded pairs of the same species are not unusual. But adopting an already bonded cat-dog pair is rare ó and very special."
    MHS began accepting applications for Frieda and Morgana this morning at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd. in Novato. Shelter hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. They will be open on Easter Sunday. The adoption fee for the pair is $225.

    Tails Of The City : Bonded cat-dog duo seeks new home!

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    Awww they're so cute together. I hope someone gives them a wonderful new home.

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    I wish I could have them-so darling!
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