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Thread: Polish Frizzle chickens

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    Default Polish Frizzle chickens

    When it comes to producing Easter eggs, these three outlandish chickens could be said to have fluffed it.
    The Polish Frizzle chickens are not known as good layers – but their owner still loves them for their crazy looks.
    This trio, called Furball, Fizz and Fuzz, belong to Suzie Baldwin of Golden Valley Poultry in Grayshott, Surrey.

    Enlarge Gorgeous characters: The Frizzle sisters - Furball, Fizz and Fuzz

    ‘They’re really tame, they are gorgeous characters,’ she said. ‘Their feathers point outwards, which gives them their distinctive look. They are not the best egg-layers but they make up for that with their charming personalities.’
    Until it rains, at least. ‘They don't like wet weather,’ admits Ms Baldwin. ‘It affects their hairdos – the feathers fall over their eyes and beaks.

    Easter chicks? Not if you want eggs, says owner of trio the Frizzle sisters | Mail Online

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    The little ones kind of look like teeny tiny owls.
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    It looks like an owl fucked a chicken (or vice versa) and they got this.
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    sooooo cute! i LOVE chickens. one of the main reasons we're looking for a house is so we can do urban chickens...doesn't work so well for an apartment, lol!

    i love seeing all the different breeds. silkies are kinda cute & funny looking, too...

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    So cute!! I have a long,thin watercolor my aunt gave me of different types of chickens that I love. 7 different ones,but not these! I love chickens,too.
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    I LOLed. How cute are they?!

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