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Thread: Idaho cat is after your underpants

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    Default Idaho cat is after your underpants

    These days, a North Idaho neighborhood lives under the threat of a sneaky midnight burglar notorious for airing neighbors' dirty laundry.
    The suspect: Jack, a 1-year-old feline who can't keep his paws off of anything, especially other people's clothes.
    When night falls, Jack rises and sets out on the prowl, looking for pants, shirts and even underpants to claim as his own.
    "It's his fetish. He collects clothing mainly at night," said Jack's owner, Judy Waring. "He lives life in the fast lane."
    Waring said Jack usually heads out for a heist around 4 a.m., and sometimes stays out all night.

    And as the sun rises, Jack falls fast asleep. By day, he's one tired cat, looking as innocent can be, as he catches up on sleep with his legs lazily stretched out on the carpet.
    Waring said Jack wasn't born astray; she said he picked up his sneaky habit last October.
    Since then, Jack has brought home two towels, a stuffed duck and 27 pairs of gloves - some of which were brand new, just to name a few acquisitions.
    "Gap sun hat, these (men's underpants) speak for themselves, designer shorts - lined, which I may decide to keep," Waring said.
    Waring said her favorite among the things Jack has brought home is a black dressy glove.
    "It's so dressy and nice. I tried it on once, and it looked really wonderful. And I'm hoping Jack brings the other one home," she said.
    But as the loot piled up, Waring decided she couldn't keep Jack's habit a secret any longer.
    She hung up all the goods on a clothesline in front of her house, hoping neighbors would find something they've been missing. There was so many things on display that when Waring's neighbor saw the setup, she thought she was having a yard sale.
    "I wanted to absolve any blame that we might receive," Waring said.
    Defusing potential blowups, Waring said, is about all she can do.
    "He likes it. It's his thing. And if I decided to make him stop, how would I?" she said. "I don't know, but I know there's a woman who charges $60 an hour to come and talk to your pets. We might have her come and talk to Jack about this."

    Idaho cat is after your underpants! | KIDK CBS 3 - News, Weather and Sports - Idaho Falls - Pocatello - Blackfoot, ID - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot - Idaho | Local & Regional

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    Cat burglar indeed!
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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