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Thread: Proud to be plastic: The 'improved' beauty contest

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    Either way, Miss Plastic Hungary has horse teeth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    Or for fuckssake, no one NEEDS ps with the exception of burn victims or people with other congenital deformities that present medical issues. No one, not even breast cancer survivors who've had mastectomies, needs plastic surgery to live a fully fucntioning life. Sure, they may wnat breast reconstruction to try to regain what has been lost to a horrible illness and I fully support that. However, let's not pretend like vanity is still not at the core of this elective process. What is so wrong with valuing our looks anyway? That is a hangover from the puritan days to suggest that wanting anything simply for the pleasure of having it is inherently sinful and I don't believe that for a minute. Sure, you don't think the other contestants needed surgery, but who says you needed to compete in pageants in the first place? It really comes down to wants, and that's fine in my book.

    obviously if i did think there was something wrong with women valuing their looks then i woudn't have gone through the whole beauty pageant process when i was a teenager.
    I was simply replying to wiseguy who asked me if other contestants having plastic surgery is fair compared with others who don't.
    and of course no-one told me i NEEDED to enter a pageant.. I was very young and just wanted chance to travel the world, earn a bit of money, and just having fun representing my country etc. as it turns out i got to do all those things.
    just to clarify i have no probelm with people having surgery if its what they want to do.. but i still think if someone has an excessive amount of plastic surgey it IS unfair on other contestants. i guess its just where do you draw the line on what is excessive.
    of course i know that the only people who TRULY need PS are burn victims etc. etc. .. but in context, if you are going to compete in a beauty pageant you need to be beautiful. If someone has say for example a large 'unslighty' nose it would probably help them get ahead in a beauty pageant if they had a nose job. therefore in the context of beauty competitions or any other arena where apperance is highly valued or judging it is truthful to say if that person wishes to be successful they probably NEED to do something about it. ihope i have expressed my view in an understandable way because i don't want it to be misinterpreted
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    ^^^It's all good....I didn't mean for my comments to sound like a personal attack.
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    Women who get the extreme boob job look fat when they have clothes on.

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