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Hey! I don't take any offence to what you guys are saying,because I understand you may not be educated on the issue.I am a 28 year old model and mother of three amazing girls who all are involved with pageants. We do not use make up at this piont because my oldest dd is only 8,we do California tropic and local fair pageants that allow my girls experiance in entertainment and presentation.There are so many wonderful things that come out of pageants that it is unfair to focus only on the "ugly" side.We have competed in a state level pageant against little girls with fake teeth,hair and tans! I knew that the chances of my dd winning were slim but the lesson that could be learned there was far greater then the crown.Turns out that the judges loved her anyway and she went home with the second to highest title. I would never shove my girls into an unsafe inviroment and put them on display the way some do,however,is it such a crime to be beautiful? They are straight A students who excell in sports ,drama and pageantry.When they are old enough to wear make-up the will be only enhanceing thier beauty! And I feel that I can be the best example to them,taking care of myself and looking my best!So stop your bashing and instead consider enlighting those who don't share your same views!ps. I wrote this quickly relying on the fact that there is always a spell check,there wasn't LOL I'm not going back thru to correct myself!
So funny how any plain jane with a fat ass pays to go to Barbizon to learn to pose and she calls herself a "model" for the rest of her life.