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Thread: Has anyone watched the new episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLEE View Post
    I can't believe that this shit is still on. I had to wait until jimmy went to bed to check it out, and these kids look like little fucking freaks.these pageants are so disgusting these little girls are lined up like cattle and are taught that beauty is the only thing that counts. Their ugly mothers are living through them. Fucking pigs.
    I have seen some of it this season because someone I know was watching it. I've never watched the show, give or take a clip of it here or there over the years, but it disturbed me. I just want to throw sweatshirts over every single one of those girls. I mean, we know what kind of people live in this world, how can you let your kids be on TV like that? There is an entire industry where pedophiles sell children's headshots to other pedophiles on eBay. This is not some cute picture of Shirley Temple, it's fucking gross, but meanwhile these mothers have their daughters prancing around in shorty shorts and more make up than what Amber Rose wears. I'm not even trying to be some pearl-clutching old stick in the mud about this, but it's just yuck.

    I don't have an understanding of when pageants went from being something that Suzanne Sugarbaker did as opposed to these preteen stripteases they are now.
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    Due to the pervs out there, if I had a daughter, I would be TERRIFIED to put my little girl in a pageant, parading her around in public. No damn way!!! If when she's grown and wants to be in a pageant, fine, but not as a child.

    You are right: these little girls are looking like miniature sluts. It's disgusting. All because these loser moms didn't get enough attention themselves or something.
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    [QUOTE=Moongirl;3501392]This pair of coaches from Las Vegas annoys me so much (the one on the right was supposedly a beauty pageant winner when younger). The one with the glasses seems almost delusional, she wears her sunglasses constantly as if she were a celebrity trying to remain private.


    She doesn't have enough to pay for her much wanted Botox or eye lift. I'm just assuming, and have not watched the current season. I tried, but after a few minutes, I turned the channel.
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