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Thread: Fug alert: Teenage beauty queen stripped of title after cheating claims

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    Why do you say this? Is is also wrong to keep your kid's picture from being printed in the local paper, or in a sports team game program, or in a nationally-distributed who's who yearbook, or what is they're involved in an activity that ends up being covered by the local tv news? I dunno, I just don't get the "oooo don't allow your picture on the internet" paranoia anymore. It's just another media outlet, and most of the time, the only people who see it are the ones who are interested in the topic, anyway. There are billions of pictures on the internet now. It's not like years ago, when a rare photo of Joe Average might get some attention. And if some weirdo jacks off to your kid's picture, you'll never know, just like when her gymnastics picture was in the local paper & the old geezer across town did it.

    Does it ever really happen that somebody sees a kid's picture on the internet & becomes obsessed & tracks them down & steals them? I suppose it could, but I'm thinking the same thing could happen if the weirdo sees a kid at a mall or something. Anything *could* happen, but a picture on the internet is not an automatic guaranteed pedo invitation.

    Now what really might happen is that things will get posted about your kid that you won't like. Other than that, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, sure, some people are attention whores & put their kids' pictures up for stupid reasons, but there are lots of other reasons that aren't like that. I've got my kids up on my facebook page, and my friends can see it. Should I "get my head examined?"
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    I knew it was England as soon as I saw the picture.
    Wow. Way to piss off an entire country with such a wonderfully offensive remark. Brava.

    Back OT: How does one "cheat" at a beauty contest?? Because if flippers and spray on tans and make-up ain't cheatin', I don't know what is!
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    I hate meanness towards children, but this picture is pushing me to the edge.

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