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Thread: British Girl Wins America's Perfect Teen

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    I saw her on The Today Show this morning also...she is almost a dead ringer for one of the anchors on the show--not sure of her name though. It's frightening.

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    ^^Yes she does look like one of the women who fill in to give the news segment when Ann Curry is out and sometimes does weather for Al. What is her name?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    How does a 16yo have cellulite? I demand to see her birth certificate.

    I had cellulite at 17 or 16.
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    Saw the show as well. Runner up was nice looking and her and her mom weren't a bit upset at her being british. She met the qualifications. I think their were prettier girls. Guess she had what they were looking for
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    Wow, I just saw this post. I had no clue a girl from the UK won.

    I know Michael Galanes is the director of this pageant. He is also the one who runs the Little Miss Perfect pageant they show on TV.

    I actually know one of the contestants that competed in this. Saw lots of pics that she'd posted on Facebook during the competition, but there was never a word said after the pageant was over, and no other photos posted either. And imo, the one I know is prettier than the winner......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    ^ That's a 16 year old?! She looks like she could be on some incarnation of Real Housewives.
    YESS! I looked at the pictures and immediately thought, "So she's 40, right?"

    Imagine what she's going to look like in a couple of years.

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    Has she been copying Kris Jenner's look.

    I dont want to be mean but to me she just isnt beauty queen stunning at all. Her features arent even symmetrical etc.

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