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Thread: #being 13

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    My child is now 21. She has had her own cell phone since 6th grade. She has used social media since about 5th grade as the forms have evolved. She and her friends from high school had social issues, including some bullying over social media, but it is normal and should be expected. I hate to say it, but nothing has really changed over the generations. The only difference is their technology is different and we may not always understand it. My daughter's friend group mostly all graduated from good universities, and now have good jobs - often due to the technology they know so well. A few like my daughter are completing advanced degrees and will then get jobs. My daughter is completing her masters in education, and much of what she has been taught about teaching is ways to get students to use their cell phones, ipads, etc. in the classroom. Her generation is transitioning into adulthood just fine. There are some who graduated in her class who are not doing well in life, but it has nothing to do with technology. I see the same trends in my practice. Parents are upset by their kids using technology and not interacting socially, but the kids are fine living in this new world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kasippu View Post
    Has anyone seen this? As mother of 13 year old, this really scares me.
    Good luck.

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    I have a 3 year old and just watching the first 10 minutes of this has my blood boiling. I pray I get a grip, because if some little piece of shit sends my future 13 year old daughter a dick pic I will likely beat him, his momma, his dad and the whole extended family. Hell hath no furry like a gay dad. Ok...I'm trying to breathe now. I'm trying.
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    My kids are 11 and 13 and both have smart phones. My daughter has no FaceBook account, but has Google email, which we have passwords to, and a Tumbler account, where she re-blogs content that she likes. The phones let me reach them to text them about homework any time of day, plus have them able to reach me. Our daughter uses her phone mostly to listen to music. Our son barely uses his phone except as an alarm to wake up in the morning. We realize that can and will change.

    But the main thing is we talk with our kids all the time about appropriate uses of their electronics, along with the consequences.

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