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Thread: Another pageant reality show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangsta Love Dog View Post
    All I know is somebody's gonna be 'batin to this.

    Santa is an elitist mother fucker -- giving expensive shit to rich kids and nothing to poor kids.

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    A couple of the contestant bios.

    Leslie Ann Templin and Hadlie Campbell
    Leslie Ann Templin is a single mother of three, including seven-year-old Hadlie. She’s one of the top hair and makeup stylists in the pageant industry, and has been working them for 20 years. When it comes to pageants she expects nothing less than perfection. To help secure a victory for her daughter, Leslie Ann has hired the best team she can afford.

    Hadlie Sage Campbell has been competing in pageants for six of her seven years. She’s meticulous in her pageant preparation and treats each competition as if it were a heavyweight fight. The Little Miss Perfect title would add another crown to Hadlie’s already crowded bookshelf. Hadlie would love to one day compete for Miss America, and has dreams of being a fashion designer.

    Amber and Kris Olive
    Eleven-year-old Amber Olive hails from Mint Hill, North Carolina. She got started in pageants because of her older sisters Cassidy (18) and Ashley (13). When Amber’s not doing pageants, the self-proclaimed girly-girl keeps busy with Girl Scouts, cheerleading, Bible drill and ice skating.

    Amber’s mom, Kris Olive, is known as the "cool mom" and has been involved in beauty pageants for the past 18 years. In 1998, she even started her own pageant, "Carolina Sparkle." When she’s not doing pageants, Kris works part-time as a babysitter at Jazzercise and volunteers in the community and at her church.

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    Good lord I caught the first episode.

    ***hides head in shame***

    But I cracked up when the mother designing the "Marilyn" routine made the sign that said, "Diamonds is a girls best friend"

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    One of the little girls in this show is a friend of the family. She has been chosen as a 'normal one' to foil the others (No flippers, wigs, glitz, etc)

    From what I've seen, they are already cutting it to make her and her mother seem as bad as possible for the 'angle' they have chosen for them. There was some concern on the part of the parents that this might happen, but I think they thought choosing her as the 'normal' one was angle enough for television. I fear they are going to be disappointed when that little girl's episode is featured.

    I'm not a fan of pageants, though I don't think every pageant deserves the same disdain. This one, for example, doesn't have a swim suit competition, which probably disgusts me the most about these things. I also felt that the blonde mom, at least, did seem to have priorities in other places in the girl's life. Her flip out towards the time of actual performance reminded me a bit of my own mother before a ballet recital as a child.

    The mother of the brunette, however, seemed to be completely concerned with her own agenda. The daughter did not seem to enjoy it nearly as much as she claimed, and her mother did not seem satisfied to just let her enjoy the pageant and 'do her thing'

    Then again, after seeing the treatment of the child I know not to be as they make her out to be, one can only guess what things are REALLY like.
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