I didn't know where to post this but It seems to fall under Ohhh the huge manateyy kind of feels.
There really need to be a rant and rave thread if there isn't any. ?
Anyways.. my rant vvvvvvvv

I received a voicemail from a business.

It took my son 7..... yes 7 !!! tries to listen to the voicemail and understand the quiet monosyllabic message to retrieve the information needed.
This said, if you ever leave a message for any customer or client, especially whether they are perfectly hearing, deaf, hard of hearing (like I am), or what freaking ever else... for the love of all human decency PLEASE please please please speak clearly, in a reasonable level of loudness. Keep it short giving the pertinent information needed.
Do not ever sound like you want to kill yourself.
And..... if its on file (such as it is on mine) that the person you are calling does have a hearing loss of any kind and you speak in a quiet monosyllabic voice.. I love you but you are an idiot.

You have been taught
How Amaze-balls !!!!

btw.. amaze-balls is my word of the day. I dare you to use it Happy tgif !!!!