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Thread: Nine-week-old Ella is Britain's youngest beauty queen

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    Default Nine-week-old Ella is Britain's youngest beauty queen

    • Ella Oliver, nine months, entered into the Miss Natural Sparkle UK contest
    • Mother Jenny, 27, from Blackpool, signed her up before she was even born

    A nine-month-old baby has become Britain's youngest ever beauty queen.
    Ella Oliver's mother Jenny, 27, entered her into the Miss Natural Sparkle UK contest before she was even born.
    Mother-of-three Jenny, from Blackpool, was seven months pregnant - and knew she was carrying a girl - when she sat down to register her unborn baby into the competition.

    Ella Oliver has become Britain's youngest ever beauty queen despite being just nine weeks old

    Ella was born by caesarean on July 23 weighing 7lb 7oz and just 68 days later her doting mother dressed her up and carried her down the catwalk to be judged.
    Jenny wanted Ella to follow in the footsteps of sister Jess, seven, who takes to the stage kitted out with make-up, wash-off fake tan and press-on nails.
    Former child minder Jenny, who paid £10 to enter Ella, said: 'I didn't put any make-up on Ella because she is too young for that, so she was natural.
    'She wore a really pretty pink dress and head band, she even smiled for the judges.
    'She didn't have to do a talent or show confidence because she can't walk or talk so I think it was judged on cuteness.
    'I don't know if Ella wants to do pageants but I don't think it will damage her.

    Jenny Oliver registered Ella into the Miss Natural Sparkle UK contest after discovering she was having a girl

    'She doesn't know what she's doing so it won't affect her at that age.
    'If she tells me when she is older she doesn't want to do that's fine and that's her choice.'
    Pint-sized Ella was crowned with her first sash and tiara.

    Miss Natural Sparkle said: 'Because beauty pageants are a family event we decided to introduce just one round for newborns this year. Parents dressed their babies up in little dresses or suits'

    Despite coming under fire from fellow parents, Jenny and mechanic husband Steve, 29, will continue to chaperone their daughters to pageants across the country.

    They have already been to 10 different contests and spent more than £2,000 pounds on dresses, shoes, travel, hotels and accessories in the past three years on Jess.
    Jenny, who also has a son Stephen, six, added: 'Three years ago Jess watched Baby Beauty Queens on BBC3 and said she wanted to do something like that.
    'I didn't know anything about pageants so researched it a bit.
    'I entered a contest by sending a photo of Jess to the organiser out of curiosity.

    Jenny wanted Ella to follow in the footsteps of sister Jess, seven, who already competes

    'We didn't hear anything for ages but then one day we got a phone call offered her a place.
    'That was the start of our pageant life.
    'Jess didn't win but she really enjoyed it and said she wanted to do more.
    'When she was a toddler she used to play with mud and dirt but as she got older she became more girly - you won't find her in a tracksuit now.
    'I remember going to parents evening afterwards and the teacher said she couldn't believe the difference in confidence in her.
    'I told her about the pageant and I can only presume that had made her change from being such a shy reserved girl.

    Seven-year-old Jess has enjoyed taking part in pageants since watching Baby Beauty Queens

    'I hope Ella will gain as much confidence as Jess through pageants.'
    Leanne Woodall, Miss Natural Sparkle organiser, said: 'Because beauty pageants are a family event and the whole family like to be involved we decided to introduce just one round for newborns this year.
    'Parents dressed their babies up in little dresses or suits.
    'It was judged on cute factor and Ella won. We thought she looked adorable in a little pink dress and head band.
    'She was presented with a sash and crown. It's something nice for her family to keep and show her when she is older.'

    Read more: Nine-month-old baby becomes Britain's youngest beauty queen at Miss Natural Sparkle UK pageant | Mail Online
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    I would love to see what all the other "beauty" queens look like after scrolling through this mess.
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    Now them's some low standards
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    Can't wait to see her at next years Aintree.
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    Do the judges have cataracts? That child is far from beautiful.
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    Baby Yoda not cute is.
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    Her little smile is cute!

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    Now that there is a damn manatee. Makes Mama June look like hawt stuff.
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    That's one ugly baby.
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    This is like a wind up! The standards must have been real low.

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    Was she the only contestant?
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    Well, now I know what Sloth looked like as a baby.

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    Oh, is the baby not cute? I was too busy hating *everydamnthing* she is wearing to notice. I hate, hate, hate these sorts of baby clothes. Barf.
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