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Thread: Ms. Senior America pageant celebrates women over 60

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    Default Ms. Senior America pageant celebrates women over 60

    They say you're never too old - least of all in Atlantic City.
    And especially not for the duration of the Miss Senior America pageant.
    The annual parade is for over-60s only and has been running for 30 years now.

    Winning smile: Ms Senior America champ Kimberley Moore after victory in the pageant for the over-60s held in Atlantic City

    Life in the old bones: Kimberley's Tina Turner impression brought the house down

    The contestants show off a range of their talents, just like their younger counterparts in Miss America.
    But thankfully, there is one slight difference - there's no swimwear section.
    This year's queen was Kimberley Moore, 62, of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    'I am so excited,' she said after winning at the Harrah's Resorts and Casino.
    'I just want to get the word out to senior women that they could do anything!'
    The competition clearly gives all its contestants a big thrill, particularly those taking to the stage for the first time.
    Linda Huntley, of Virginia, said: 'I feel like a Queen when I'm walking around and doing poses in our crowns.
    'I just feel very proud, I'm proud of myself, my family is proud of me, they're out in the audience, I'm loving it. I'm loving every minute of it. I'm living every day to its fullest.
    The oldest entrant was Tula Serves, 86, from Ohio.
    'This is the second time I've been on stage. I've enjoyed it, it's been thrilling, exciting, and my life is changed.'

    Crowned: Victory begins to sink in to Kimberley at the Harrah's Resort and Casino in Atlantic City

    A beaming Miss Moore and her fellow finalists

    Contestants were asked to take part in four categories: talent, interview, evening gown and speech, on their philosophy of life.
    This year's highlights included a Tina Turner impression, courtesy of the winner Ms Moore, and a full-on sailor tap dance routine.
    The winner doesn't walk away with a large cash prize or scholarship, however.

    As young as they feel: Some of the contenders, all over 60, who had to show a range of talents in the competiton

    Instead, she spends a year representing what older women can achieve and still offer to their community.
    Dr Al Mott, the founder of Miss Senior America, sees the competition as a chance for women of a certain vintage to showcase their talents.
    'When you know who you are and you know what life is about and you feel fulfilled, then you can share it with others,' he said.

    Stamina: Two of the competitors show their skills in the four categories that make up the competition

    Read more: Ageless beauty Kimberley is the golden girl as Tina Turner turn clinches Ms Senior America title | Mail Online

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    I thought the title said "Mr. Senior America" and I was hoping Steven Walters won

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalique View Post
    I thought the title said "Mr. Senior America" and I was hoping Steven Walters won

    Ha ha ha! Not to be mean, but Mr. Walters looks like a decroded piece of crap. And ALL pageants need to die in a fire!
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