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Thread: Woman quits her job to eat takeaway on YouTube

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    I think it's fucking stupid to bad mouth anyone over their age or generation. I can't believe how many ways people think of categorizing or labeling people just so they can blame them for shit that happens to everyone. Yes, people from certain generations share certain collective memories and might have slightly different perceptions of the world, but the constant whining from all sides gives me a fucking headache. Everybody inherits the previous generations' messes. Get over it. /rant

    @Nevan - I'm not around to watch too much YouTube lately, but I mostly fall down rabbit holes. I used to watch a lot of food channels that were just people in their houses...back before everyone needed a theme song and a stupid intro and $10,000 cameras and ring lights, etc. That said I will look for the Gordon Ramsey stuff...I didn't know full episodes were up there.
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    ^^^ That's interesting, Icepik!! I always knew that I was a Gen X, but I assumed my son was a millennial. According to your chart, he's a post millennial (2004).

    ETA: That was for Icepik on the previous page. Apparently I had this thread open since this morning and that's how I replied. *face palm*

    Waterslide ... my YT watching is all over the place. I watch the more interesting cases on Dr. Phil, lots of mystery/true crime stuff, Tudor things, beauty stuff, nail stuff, etc. I watched Child of Rage the other night ... which I've seen before but it was a long time ago. Her case is pretty fascinating and it had an epilogue that I don't ever remember reading. As mentally ill (all from severe sexual abuse and neglect from her father when she was a baby!!!) as she was, she overcame it all (well, at least most of it) and she's a registered nurse and has a family!! I thought that was just amazing.
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