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Thread: What Happened to Sandra Bland, a Black Woman Who Died in Jail Monday?

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    It doesn't even matter if you're Caucasian, just be from the wrongheaded part of town or in suburbia where they can do whatever they want. Btw I am white looking as fuck and back then would've fit in more with the stoner baby t goth crowd... But in that area we were the outcasts so easy pickings.

    the police should not be able to do whatever they want. They cannot decide your fate because they don't like your tweet be of voice... Everyone knows judges get to do that.
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    i've been in the wrong parts of town (in different regions, not in the SF bay area) and i have been stopped for no real reason. probably just because i was from out of the area and did not fit in. but i still did not have fear like others do.

    and i agree that cops should not decide your fate. but again, my POV is gonna be different than others who have been stopped more frequently or been unduly injured in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kill Me View Post
    It's terrifying that we find ourselves saying "don't back talk a cop" like we're fucking children in day care.
    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kill Me View Post
    It doesn't get you jack shit but it doesn't matter. We should not live in fear of those that are supposedly sworn to uphold the law and according to most on Facebook they supposedly uphold our constitutional rights, lol.

    I was assaulted by a constable as a minor and I watched 4 of them kick the ever living shit out of my uncle while he was hog tied so I'm biased as fuck.

    also acting all nice or mouthing off shouldn't get you anywhere, none of that should matter. Nothing should matter other than the facts of the situation. Did you change lanes without a signal, here's your ticket or warning. Did you change lanes without a signal and call me shit snarling cunt, here's your ticket or warning.
    It is terrifying and in principle I agree with you completely. But this kind of corruption has to be fought on a higher level, like people are doing by bringing cases like this to light. When confronted alone by a power-tripping cop, I think one's self-preservation should be the priority. Mouthing off might make you (speaking generally) feel better-- if you get away with it-- but ultimately it doesn't help and may compromise your safety. Not worth the risk.
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    Agree with everything you said, JKM. These assholes are supposed to be trained to DE-escalate situations. Instead, they escalate them based on perceived disrespect to their waaaay overblown sense of authoritah.
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    I was talking to a co-worker this morning about being pulled over without a reason. He was new to this country several years ago and on his way home late at night from work. A squad car lit him up, so he pulled over to the left, not knowing that wasn't the correct way to pull over. The cop was aggressive with him and screamed at him for pulling over incorrectly and kept shining a maglight in his eyes. He said that he remained calm and said yes sir and no sir. The calmer he was, the more angry the cop got. The cop demanded to search his car. The cop looked in every corner and didn't find anything. He let him go without a ticket or a warning. He's very lucky because that stop could have gone so wrong. He was black man driving through a "good" neighborhood in the middle of the night and he could barely speak English at the time. He has since been pulled over many times and more often than not, he's let go without a warning or a ticket.

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    I've watched the whole dashcam footage, more than 50 mins, and she was giving the cop some MAJOR attitude before he arrested her including refusing to get out of the car when he asked her to. He wasn't being especially charming but not aggressive either and only begging to lose his cool when she continues to act up. She appears to be unnecessarily agitated which might indicate mental issues. I don't automatically assume yet another cop conspiracy/coverup but they do have some questions to answer.
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    Screaming at someone I'm gonna light you up seems pretty aggressive to me. She didn't even sound that bitchy when she was explaining to him why she was irritated that he pulled her over. I agree she might be alive today if she had kept her mouth shut but damn what sort of police state are we living in? She never raised a hand to him or threatened him in any way.
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