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Thread: Waco TX Fertilizer Plant Explosion Sends 120 to Hospitals, Levels Homes, Businesses

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    I'm sure Bush could be the tiniest bit to blame, he was once Governor after all...and I blame his presidency for why Rick Perry became governor of Texas in the first place. I hate Rick Perry, I truly hate him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    well, not directly but his government cut funding that would have permitted maintenance and repair work that probably could have prevented them from breaking.

    of course i'm not saying you're saying perry's doing a good job. you and mcjag and the other texans on this board are the exceptions. but the rest of the state seems to be buying the shit they're selling and the rhetoric about the federal government being evil and let's blame obama for all this.
    Well, I will say that I don't blame Bush for those levees breaking. (from wiki):Five investigations (three major and two minor) were conducted by civil engineers and other experts, in an attempt to identify the underlying reasons for the failure of the federal flood protection system. All concur that the primary cause of the flooding was inadequate design and construction by the Corps of Engineers.
    The original residents of Greater New Orleans settled on the high ground along the Mississippi River. Later developments eventually extended to nearby Lake Pontchartrain, built upon fill to bring them above the average lake level. Navigable commercial waterways extended from the lake to downtown. After 1940, the state decided to close those waterways following the completion of a new Industrial Canal for waterborne commerce. Closure of the waterways resulted in a drastic lowering of the water table by the city's drainage system, causing some areas to settle by up to 8 feet (2 m) due to the consolidation of the underlying organic soils. After 1965, the Corps of Engineers built a levee system around a much larger geographic footprint that included previous marshland and swamp. The average elevation of the city is between 1 to 2 feet (0.61 m) below sea level. After the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, the Congress mandated the Corps of Engineers as the federal agency responsible for design and construction of flood protection projects, to include those in Greater New Orleans. It also affirmed the principle of local participation in federally funded projects but acknowledged that the $292 million already spent by local interests was sufficient to cover local participatory costs.[2] It also required that local interests had to agree to be responsible for maintenance of any proposed levees before the projects would be initiated.
    The heavy flooding caused by Hurricane Betsy in 1965 brought concerns regarding flooding from hurricanes to the forefront. That year, through enactment of the Flood Control Act of 1965 (FCA 1965) Congress authorized the Pontchartrain Hurricane Protection Project. FCA 1965 reiterated the principle of local participation in federally funded projects. The local interests' role was maintenance once the work was complete. Although federally authorized, it was a joint federal, state, and local effort.[3] Almost from the start, the design was impacted by changes due to technical issues, environmental concerns, legal challenges, and local opposition by those opposed to the project.[3] The project was initially estimated to take 13 years, but when Katrina struck in 2005, almost 40 years later, the project was only 60–90% complete with a revised projected completion date of 2015.

    To me, it's piss poor design and piss poor maintenance. If you're fighting to keep the government from building these levees that protect you, you will LITERALLY find yourself up shit creek when those motherfuckers break. There is plenty of blame to go around to plenty of folks over those levees, but I don't necessarily believe Bush should get the lion's share. In this instance, Louisiana almost pulled a Texas (a Rick fucking Perry - more like) by refusing government help BEFORE that hurricane made landfall. Once the shit got really bad, we had Ray Nagin on television cursing Bush out for not doing what had been offered (and refused) beforehand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kill Me View Post
    I'm sure Bush could be the tiniest bit to blame, he was once Governor after all...and I blame his presidency for why Rick Perry became governor of Texas in the first place. I hate Rick Perry, I truly hate him.
    I agree and will restate: Rick Perry's fucking mouth does absolutely ZERO for his constituents. I will add that if that motherfucker ever runs for president, he will be sorely disappointed.
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