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Thread: Utah mom missing since December 6

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    You're assuming child protective services had access to the information. They might not have known about it.
    examining the unsealed files for the first time
    I want to know who sealed them and why?
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    I presume only a judge can seal a record?

    On December 28, 2009, the search warrants in Susan Cox Powell's case were sealed by a judge
    Disappearance of Susan Powell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The link from wiki went to a dead Fox page.

    Susan Powell: Search warrants sealed, Salt Lake Tribune to file motion to have warrants disclosed

    Isabelle Zehnder
    Seattle Family Examiner

    December 29, 2009 - Three search warrants served and executed in the case of missing Utah mom, Susan Powell, 28, have been sealed by a Utah judge at the 3rd District Court Clerk’s office. The Salt Lake Tribune’s attorney plans to file a motion Tuesday to have those search warrants disclosed and made accessible to the public.

    The search warrants at issue are - two issued to search the Powell home and van, and one issued for DNA testing on Susan’s husband, Josh Powell.

    Search warrants are made available to the public 20 days after they are issued. Police and prosecutors, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, don’t want the public to know what they took from Susan Powell’s house and husband.

    "Public access helps ensure accuracy, accountability and fairness in the court systems simply because it is a lot easier for abuses to occur in secret than in the light of day," Tribune attorney Michael O'Brien said Monday. "Access is especially important in prominent cases, such as the Powell case, because the public is paying more attention to how well the court and law enforcement systems work in such cases."

    According to The Salt Lake Tribune, search warrants in Utah most often include statements written by police officers explaining why they have cause to search.

    After a search warrant is executed, it is returned to a courthouse with an inventory of what police seized. Then, the warrant and inventory log are made public 20 days later.

    Susan Powell, 28, has been missing from her West Valley City, Utah home for 21 days. Police are calling the case missing person’s case with ‘suspicious criminal overtones".
    Susan Powell: Search warrants sealed, Salt Lake Tribune to file motion to have warrants disclosed - Seattle Family |
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    This is such a horrendous case with so many glaring examples of a system that didn't work. I'm sure there are numerous regrets and "what-ifs" for everyone involved.

    I could understand why the cops were hesitant to move forward, they only had one chance to charge and convict him--if it weren't for those boys. They should've tried it anyway, if only to get those kids away from that monster.

    Hindsight, it's a bitch.
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    Yes, I don't think the police ever saw this coming. Beyond belief.
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    I am sure they wanted to find Susan's body so they'd hopefully have an airtight case rather than going to trial with too little evidence and losing. I have no doubt that the people working on the case cared about it and did their best. It is just sad all around.
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    Susan Powell's Father-in-Law Secretly Took 4,500 Pictures of Her

    Wrapping up a year that has brought unimaginable frustration and heartbreak, Susan Powell's family marked the three-year anniversary of her disappearance at a ceremony this week near where her two sons are buried.

    "It's a hard time of year," Susan's father, Chuck Cox, tells PEOPLE. "Our daughter's still missing. Someday, we will find out what happened to her."

    He added that he is not sure what to make of a West Valley City, Utah, police announcement Thursday that their investigation into Susan's Dec. 6, 2009, disappearance remains active but "has been scaled down," with a reduction in the number of full-time investigators working the case.

    The announcement came at the same time that more evidence emerged of the alleged obsession Susan's father-in-law, Steven Powell, had toward her. Authorities released nearly 4,500 pictures that they say he secretly took of her at home and elsewhere.

    Cox says he's hopeful that the police are still doing everything possible to solve Susan's case, but he hasn't ruled out suing the department for failing to arrest Susan's husband, Josh Powell, for her murder.

    More than two years after Susan's disappearance, Josh on Feb. 5 murdered the couple's two sons and committed suicide by blowing up his house.

    Cox's lawyer, Anne Bremner, says Cox "goes back and forth" over whether to sue West Valley City. "He wants them to find her. A lawsuit can have a chilling affect on things."

    Cox and Bremner say they do plan to file a lawsuit against the state of Washington for continuing to give Josh visitation with his children despite what they claim were mounting concerns regarding his mental stability.

    Although Cox and the police believe that Josh Powell knew more than anyone what happened to Susan, they also strongly suspect that his father, Steven Powell, should still be looked at more closely.

    The Coxes hoped Steve Powell's voyeurism trial in May would unearth some answers but it did not. Powell invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when asked in jail about Susan.

    In numerous interviews with PEOPLE, Steve and Josh Powell denied any involvement in Susan's disappearance and have suggested that she ran off with another man.

    Steve Powell was prosecuted for surreptitiously photographing his neighbor's young daughters (and is serving a 30-month sentence), but the investigation also unearthed journals in which Powell described his interest in his daughter-in-law, as well as the thousands of photos, which were released Thursday to the Associated Press.

    In a journal entry, Steven Powell recalls a sexually charged dream in which Susan asks him, “Do you think I would make a good wife for you?” None of the pictures show Susan naked, although there are images of her crotch and backside.

    "We think he knows exactly where our daughter is," Cox says.

    Once Susan disappeared, Josh sold the family's home in Utah and moved with the boys into Steven Powell's house in Puyallup, Wash., only about two miles from the Cox family.

    On Thursday, families streamed to Puyallup’s Woodbine Cemetery to remember the Powell boys and other children who died tragically and to dedicate a memorial: a bronze angel inspired by the novella The Christmas Box, in which strangers learn the value of love following a child’s death.

    The novella's author, Richard Paul Evans, also attended the dedication. The memorial is on a hill overlooking the boys' gravesites 75 yards away.

    "We get a lot of support from a lot of people and we're going to make it through," Cox says.

    Susan Powell Disappearance: Father-in-Law Took 4,500 Pictures of Her :

    this poor woman found a family of sickos, jeez!
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    I can't imagine what her family continues to go through because of those fucking yahoos. I'd be in Steven Powell's jail cell with a baseball bat.
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    This case reminds me, more than a little, of the Perry March case that shows up on HLN tv all the time. Including this weekend.

    In that case, Perry March was an attorney in Nashville. He was married to a woman named Janet, who was the daughter of a wealthy Nashville attorney, Lawrence Levine.

    Like Josh, Perry was in over his head and had a deteriorating relationship with his wife. What had happened was that she found out that he had recently harassed a paralegal at his previous law firm, was caught and not only had to leave the firm, but also pay a large settlement. So, basically, she was probably in the process of divorcing him.

    At that point, though, she mysteriously "disappears". Perry said she took a 12-day vacation. Except she never came back. She was a devoted mom (like Susan) who would never abandon her kids.

    Perry kept up this charade for a while, then, while still insisting that Janet was still alive, moved his kids to Mexico with him and married a woman there. The Levines fought tooth and nail with this guy over child custody.

    Finally, the Nashville police arrested him and the case looked weak. But Perry, while in a holding cell, tried to hire a jailhouse snitch to kill the Levines. A sting was set up, and they trapped Perry's dad.

    Perry's dad turned states evidence (for a reduced charge), and revealed that Perry did kill Janet, and that he and Perry hid the body out in the middle of nowhere. Perry March was convicted of murder.

    Common elements:
    1. Wife inexplicably leaves husband and two small children behind.
    2. Husband and wife had been having marital tensions.
    3. Husband stonewalls and says that the wife probably ran away - despite having a reputation as a loving mom and despite leaving things (cell phone, ID, etc.) that she would need to run away.
    4. Husband has a creepy dirtbag father.

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    Not unlike Drew Peterson either...
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    Josh Powell's Brother Commits Suicide
    The brother of Josh Powell, the Utah man who killed his two young sons and himself in an intentionally set house fire about a year ago, has committed suicide, according to police.

    Michael Powell, 30, jumped from a seven-story parking ramp near his home in downtown Minneapolis around 2:25 p.m. on Monday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. He died on impact.
    Four people apparently witnessed the fall, a police report said, and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Powell’s death.

    Michael Powell was a doctoral degree candidate in cognitive science at the University of Minnesota, the Tribune reported.
    He was a fervent defender of his brother, Josh, who murdered his sons, Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, with a hatchet and then lit a match to a can of gasoline in a rented house near Puyallup, Wash., on Feb. 5, 2012. The house exploded within moments, killing all three.
    Days before the explosion, Powell had been denied custody of the children and ordered to undergo a psychosexual evaluation after police discovered hundreds of images of disturbing cartoon sex and graphic depictions of incest on his home computer.
    At the time, he was the only person of interest in his wife’s disappearance. In December 2009, Susan Powell, 28, went missing in Utah, where the family lived. Powell had told police that she had run away from their family during a midnight camping trip.
    Powell had also been in a legal battle in U.S. District Court for Western Washington with Susan’s parents Chuck and Judy Cox over $1.5 million in insurance policies issued to the family.
    Several months before his death, Powell changed his insurance policy to list Michael as the primary beneficiary rather than Susan. Michael was to receive a 93 percent share, and if Michael died, the insurance payout would be split evenly between his sister and father. Powell also made Michael the second beneficiary on his sons' insurance policies.
    Michael Powell also fiercely defended their father, Steve Powell, who was convicted in May 2012 of 14 counts of voyeurism for surreptitious photographs he took of two girls who lived near his home in Puyallup. Powell said he believed the charges against his father, is scheduled to be released in May, had been fabricated.
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    And it just keeps rippling outwards. I still think the grandad was a molester or abuser who fucked up that whole family.
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    I seemed to remember creepy father-in-law being charged, but didn't remember hearing hearing anything further, so I went hunting. He's currently in prison for taking naked pictures of two prepubescent neighbor girls.

    Steve Powell, father-in-law of missing Utah woman Susan Powell, found guilty of 14 counts of voyeurism

    Little mention made of Susan Powell during trial, though many images of her found in her father-in-law's collection


    WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2012, 2:36 PM

    A disc with images of young girls who lived next door was found in Steve Powell's bedroom when authorities investigating Susan Powell's disappearance searched his home.

    TACOMA, Wash. — A jury handling the voyeurism case against the father-in-law of a missing Utah woman reached a verdict Wednesday, minutes after getting a vague answer to a question about the legal standard of “reasonable doubt.”

    Jurors who had deliberated for a full day told court officials shortly before 11 a.m. that they had a verdict ready, and staff members began calling attorneys to the court. Steve Powell is charged with 14 counts of voyeurism that stemmed from an investigation into the 2009 disappearance of his daughter-in-law, Susan Powell.

    The verdict came less than an hour after a judge gave jurors an answer to a question about the evidence. That question indicated that some members of the jury likely feel that images in one of the exhibits didn’t meet the reasonable doubt requirement.

    Authorities searching for Susan Powell last year executed a search warrant at Steve Powell’s home, and investigators say they found a disc in his bedroom that they say contained images of young girls who lived next door.

    Shortly after beginning deliberations Tuesday, jurors asked if the disc was found in boxes containing only items belonging to Steve Powell. That question bothered attorney Anne Bremner, who represents both Susan Powell’s family and the family of the neighbor girls.

    “That was a little troubling,” Bremner said. She was surprised the jury was taking so long on what she believed was a simple case.

    Defense attorneys had noted authorities did not say whether Steve Powell’s fingerprints were on the disc and said they never explored whether his bedroom door was locked.

    The judge told jurors he could not answer their question and instructed them to keep deliberating.

    Earlier Tuesday, Pierce County prosecutor Grant Blinn showed photos of the young girls to the jury while saying Steve Powell captured the images from his bedroom window.

    “He was sitting there, lurking in the shadows, leering at the girls,” Blinn said.The files show the girls in a bathroom as they bathed and used the toilet, authorities said. The girls, identified in court only by their initials, were about 8 and 10 when the images were captured. The girls testified they had no idea someone had taken photos of them in the bathroom.

    Defense attorney Travis Currie argued there were too many uncertainties in the evidence to convict. He questioned whether Steve Powell was the one who actually captured the images, noting others lived in the home in Washington state. He also wondered if the images were used for sexual gratification.

    “There are people who are nosy, who like to spy on their neighbors,” Currie said.

    When talking about the burden of reasonable doubt, Currie reached as high as he could into the air, towering over the jury to emphasize how high of a bar that legal standard was.

    Most jurors showed little emotion during the closing arguments, though a few looked away while the prosecutor showed the images of the girls.
    Like much of the trial, the closing arguments made no mention of Susan Powell, even though Steve Powell was arrested in the voyeurism case last year after authorities investigating her disappearance in Utah searched his home in Washington state. Authorities have said Steve Powell’s image collection included many photos of Susan Powell.

    Her husband, Josh, killed himself and the couple’s two young children in a house fire earlier this year.

    Meanwhile, as the jury deliberated Tuesday, Steve Powell’s daughter launched a website showing him and Susan Powell in light moments captured on video.

    Alina Powell
    said the site was not designed to influence the case but to show “sweet family moments.” She said on the website that it also rebuts allegations Susan Powell hated her father-in-law.

    Steve Powell faces a standard sentence of around four years if convicted, but the state has alleged aggravating factors that could result in a longer term.

    Read more: Steve Powell, father-in-law of missing Utah woman*Susan Powell, found guilty of 14 counts of voyeurism* - NY Daily News
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