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Thread: Utah Cheerleaders 'Body Shamed' After Male Classmate Complains About Their Skirts

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    It was distracting enough when the cute boys were fully dressed. If they were strutting around shirtless, which they would have loved, no one would have gotten any work done. I am so happy I got to grow up in an era where boys wore tight pants. Sooo many cute asses to admire.
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    Checking out guys crotch bulges has been a spectator sport for high school chicks since the beginning of time. Hell, they did that in my mom's day. That shit goes both ways. People (especially holy rollers) don't even wanna think about girls having these thoughts, much less how early some of them do! It's probably better if they didn't, because they'd just use it as even more of an excuse to be inappropriate toward girls/women.

    Girls are never given credit for controlling their impure thoughts and having self control to get/keep their shit together without getting 'distracted' because we're 'supposed to'. If that's the way it's gonna be then I think its time for the penis holders should be known as 'the weaker sex'. You can't have it both ways, dickweeds.

    I could rant about this endlessly.
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    Oh but MsDark! You're forgetting that us women don't have any of those nasty carnal urges! We are supposed to get our joy through being the willing vessel for our husband's sperm.
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    We just close our eyes and think of England

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolem View Post
    Well, yeah, you could say the same about swim team or water polo teams. Still, should female swimmers, water polo players, volleyball players have to adjust their competitive attire in order to keep your precious kids thoughts pure? Maybe it's not appropriate classroom attire (though, tbh, those skirts look fairly tame compared to what I've seen girls wearing). But, maybe girls shouldn't have to police their wardrobe because they might make a high school boy have impure thoughts. I'm pretty sure EVERY high school boy has impure thoughts, regardless of what a girl is wearing. Maybe teach boys that girls are people, too, and deserve respect. They aren't objects and shouldn't be treated as such.
    i dunno. if it's considered 'spirit wear' and the football team wears their outfits to school, then the cheerleaders should as well. or no one wears their football game clothes to class.

    and i'm with alysheba, if the uniforms shown in the picture are the real cheerleader uniforms, they are pretty modest. certainly they cover more skin than what the average high schooler wears around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    We just close our eyes and think of England
    Ooh! That were a proper good idea, innit.

    Your England may vary.
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    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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