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Thread: Texas honor student jailed for missing too much school

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    They've reached the goal of $100k. I love seeing these kinds of stories turn into something amazing. Wonder how long it will take her so called parents to come back with their hands out though.
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    Diane Tran, Texas Honor Student Jailed For Missing School, Has Contempt Order Vacated

    Diane Tran, the Texas honor student who was jailed last week for missing too much school, will not have to worry about telling future employers or college admissions offices that she has a criminal history.

    Lanny Moriarty, the judge who ordered the 17-year-old to go to jail after more than ten unexcused school absences, has set aside the contempt of court order he entered last week, according to Tran's lawyer, Brian Wice.

    "She can now truthfully say that she doesn't have a criminal history," Wice told The Huffington Post by phone on Wednesday afternoon. He added that he's now going to find a lawyer to expunge the record.

    Tran, a junior at Willis High School who takes AP and college level courses, works both full and part-time jobs to help support herself and two siblings, according to KHOU-11. She sometimes misses class because she's so tired from work.

    "She goes from job to job from school," Devin Hill, one of Tran's classmates, told KHOU-11 last week. "She stays up until 7:00 in the morning doing her homework."

    Her story resonated across the country and throughout the world. Nearly $100,000 in donations have come in from 49 states and 18 countries, according to, a site established in part by the Louisiana Children's Education Alliance (LCEA), a non-profit that focuses on education reform.

    "We read the story and our hearts just broke thinking about what this girl had gone through," Charlie Davis, the president and founder of the LCEA, told HuffPost. "At same time we were infuriated that she'd become a victim of both the public education system and the judicial system, and we wanted to do something to help her, to show her some support."

    Davis stressed that 100 percent of the money donated outside of the credit card processing fees will be donated to Tran, and said that he's hoping to give the money to the high school junior next week.

    Meanwhile, 240,000 people have signed a petition on calling on the judge to "to cancel her fine and sentencing."

    "I don't think anybody could have conceived of any script where this is the ultimate outcome in the third act," Wice, Tran's lawyer, told HuffPost.

    "The outcome of support has been, in a word, overwhelming. I know that Diane is beyond grateful."

    Diane Tran, Texas Honor Student Jailed For Missing School, Has Contempt Order Vacated
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    See? She has full public support and a lot of people willing to help her. She is a hard working young person with a free future.
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    Until the stupid law is changed, it isn't really over. The idiot judge needs to go too. Justice isn't supposed to be a rubber stamp.
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    She's only a story because of her "tragic" situation & being an honors student. Not that I'm saying she doesn't deserve it, but a lot of my friends became teachers that work in poorer school districts. These kids, besides taking honors courses, have the same type of situation. Maybe their parents didn't physically abandon them, but because of illness or drug/alcohol abuse have left these kids to fend for themselves & take care of siblings. And usually have a job just to make sure they have water & electricity. Or may even be the sole provider for the entire family.

    Like I said before, even if you're 18, a judge could go after you over attendance should you chose to stay enrolled in a public school. Many of these cases are "pressured" (by guidance counsels - WORTHLESS IMO - or the school admin like) to just drop out, avoid the jail/criminal aspects. Even if you're 16, all you need is a parents signature to make it happen (easily forged). At 18, you can sign out of school without parental consent. These kids *hopefully* decide an alternative type of school where you just do your school work & turn it in for credits (not unlike college) & they dont care about attendance - teen mom usually do this. But most just get their GED (Good Enough Diploma) or drop out & work shit jobs for the rest of their lives.

    Like said before... until the law changes, or douchenozzle judges/school admin actually give a shit about the PERSON - this is just a media hyped story & the tragedy aint over.
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