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Thread: Switched Baby Breastfed By Wrong Mom

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    Um, why are perfectly healthy babies not staying in the same rooms as their mothers? There are still nurseries in thisday and age? How bizzare.

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    If its anything like the two different hospitals I had my boys in, they're constantly whisking the baby away to let you 'rest', which some mothers like and others don't. Personally I demanded my baby in the room with me, but a friend of mine was so exhausted, she preferred to have the breaks and just have the baby brought to her every few hours for nursing. There's also tests and things that they sometimes take the baby out of the room to do and the nursery is a kind of an 'in between' while they're running those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    How about a woman whose husband is sleeping around and passes the disease on to her? Or does that never happen anymore.
    Research & pudding not being my forte, I'm sure that it still happens, of course. But again, the assumed case of a man being positive for both Hep C & HIV while impregnating his unsuspecting wife would make me call his skanky lifestyle choices worse than dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osakan View Post
    The woman who breasted must have been a real skank if she had hepatitis and HIV. I picture a real beauty.
    Quote Originally Posted by Osakan View Post
    Depends on your definition of the word. They are dirty to me.
    My brother passed away in August from a combination of hepatitis and C. Diff. I never considered him "dirty", nor was he a skank. Your comments are not appreciated.
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