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Thread: Students Offended By Mexican Buffet. Seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    How do you say "Prepare to be probed!" In Spanish?
    This reminds me of a South Park episode where cartman is probed and a satellite comes out his ass.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    From funny blogger/journo Tim Blair:

    University of California's Stevenson College is apologising to its students for serving Mexican food during a science fiction event. In a letter sent out to students, the college apologised for having “a Mexican food buffet,” while also featuring spaceships and aliens.

    The college received complaints saying the combination was racist because of the association between Mexicans and illegal immigrants.

    After receiving complaints, Dr Carolyn Golz said that the event “demonstrated a cultural insensitivity on the part of the programme planners and, though it was an unintentional mistake, I recognise that this incident caused harm within our community and negatively impacted students.”

    At this point, bear in mind that several students, our fearless intellectuals of tomorrow, have felt a need to publicly articulate some version of the following, rather staggering idea: “Dear Sir or Madam, I have been negatively impacted by your insensitive buffet.”

    FFS, Stevenson College needs to get a grip. They're grooming pretentious, coddled twits with specialized degrees in creating drama for the sole purpose of whinging about it.

    Oh yeah - college students at a free buffet? They ate before they bitched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    How do you say "Prepare to be probed!" In Spanish?
    Probo el culo.
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    guys, this is california. and i say that as a transplant here. *embarrassed*

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    How do you say "Prepare to be probed!" In Spanish?
    "The wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. He is in front of it."...Axel Munthe

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