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Thread: Sorry-Ass Sucker Slaps Toddler on Plane, Loses His Job

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    I couldn't be an Air Marshall, they'd throw me out in a week for excessive force.

    I was wondering all day who this fucker reminds me of and it finally came to me. Sandusky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeSlice View Post
    I picturing the three of you, side by side, as cowgirls, dusters and hair blowing in the wind, with guns on the hips. Ass-stomping boots on. You all could be the new Air Marshals.
    I'd take the flight they were marshaling. You'd be safe from every kind of asshole, and entertained to boot.
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    This guy was arrested for DUI last year too. He's a total ass but I saw the parents interviewed today and got annoyed as the Mom cried and talked about how much this has harmed her 19 month old son emotionally. I get so sick of people playing it up for the cameras as they discuss their emotional trauma, using the exact verbiage that will appear in the complaint to sue this asshole and the airline.
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    Oh please, the only emotional trauma that kid will get is mommy talking about it her entire fucking life.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    My first thought upon reading this was that he's from Idaho. There is a big skinhead population there (near Cour D'Alene) and I wouldn't be surprised to hear there are many other pockets within the state. Sorry, Idaho, you have a bad reputation.

    What an ass. Kids cry on planes. If you can't handle it, don't fly. Yes, it's irritating, but the parent is usually way more stressed about the crying than anyone else on the plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shedevilang View Post
    note to self, me, brookie, and Greys should not fly together...ever lol
    Or me! We would have been slugging away when the cops came.
    That reminds me: a good friend will bail you out of jail. Your best friend will be sitting right beside you in the cell saying
    "OOO-eee! That sure was fun!"
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    I'd be the 5th one in that posse! Lawd, this one gets my blood pressure boosted!
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