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Thread: Roadkill-to-go? Chinese Restaurant shuts down after deer carcass found in kitchen

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    Do you clean the tire skid marks off it first or eat it with?
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    I can't say that I know. My family doesn't normally hit deer with their trucks, they go in more for the traditional rifle techniques of hunting. lol And usually by the time I see it, it's in a pretty stew or soup or some such thing.

    If I hit a deer, well, I'd have no car left. But as for eating it, I would not be able to bring it home to munch on because I have no idea how to clean a whole deer. You can bring it to someone who will clean it and cut it if you like so you can freeze it or cook it when you want it.
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    I thought it was tacky for the guy to bring the carcass into the front-of-house of the restaurant where all the customers could see it. There's a back door for a reason. As for it being roadkill, I wonder how long it was out there before he scooped it up. Hopefully there weren't any maggots...

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