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Thread: Rescued dog attacks journalist

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    • Local TV anchor Kyle Dyer says she feels lucky and attack 'could have been so much worse'
    • Was gracious for outpouring of support; does not blame dog or his family
    • Was petting Argentinian Mastiff on show February 8 when he snapped and bit her in the face
    A seasoned television anchor who was bitten in the face by an 85-pound dog during a live broadcast earlier this month has spoken out about the frightening experience two weeks after her attack.
    Kyle Dyer of Denver’s KUSA-TV gave her first interview yesterday, bravely showing scars on her face, which include a V-shaped scar on her upper lip where skin had to be grafted.
    The anchor told the Denver Post that the first thoughts that went through her mind after the Argentine Mastiff bit her was: ‘I’m bleeding, and it had to be on television!’

    In good form: TV anchor Kyle Dyer has had two surgeries since she was attacked by a Mastiff February 8 but looks to be healing quickly

    Battle scar: A V-shaped scar can be seen on the anchor's top lip, as well as bite marks on her nose and lower lip

    Despite the painful weeks of recovery, two surgeries, and the long road ahead, Ms Dyer said she feels lucky and calls the attack ‘a fluke.’
    ‘It could have been so much worse,’ she said. She was bitten in the face during a live taping of her show February 8.
    ‘It may seem like a superficial business, but the people out there in Colorado are not superficial,’ she told the Post.

    She said she’s received an outpouring of support from people who have also been bitten by dogs and who are wishing for a speedy recovery.
    ‘I just keep reading those letters and know that I’m going to heal. I’m going to be better than ever,’ she said.
    The news of the attack spread like wildfire around the world. Ms Dyer said she personally witnessed the breadth of the news by way of her niece, who lives in Lithuania.
    On TV: Kyle Dyer, right, had knelt down to pet Max when he attacked. He is seen here with his owner, Michael Robinson, and the firefighter that rescued him

    She said her niece read about the attack in the town’s local newspaper. ‘There’s so many different learning things that have come out of this,’ she said.
    She was injured February 8 while doing an on-air segment with the dog’s owner and a fire-fighter who had rescued the Mastiff from an icy pond in suburban Lakewood the day before.
    She was petting the dog’s head seconds before it bit her.’

    'I know that I’m going to heal. I’m going to be better than ever.'
    -Anchor Kyle Dyer

    Over Valentine’s Day weekend, the anchor wrote on her Facebook page that her mouth was stitched shut so the graft over her lips could receive better blood circulation.
    While more surgeries may be in her future, Ms Dyer won’t know for certain until this summer, as doctors asses her progress.
    Ms Dyer, who had been working at the Denver station for over 15 years, underwent reconstructive surgery and over 70 stitches after the attack.
    She said she harbours no ill will toward the dog. ‘It was just an accident,’ she said, saying that she’s glad he is back with his owners.

    Struggle: Max the dog was filmed swimming around in an icy pool, unable to escape

    A number of viewers expressed concern that the dog would be euthanized as a result of the incident, which was something they appeared angry about.
    'It was clearly human fault. Why should the animal be blamed for both the owner an kyle's mistake?
    Hope he isn't put down, it would be a crime,' wrote Bruno Naletto.
    Brendan Flynn echoed that sentiment, writing: 'Lord knows 9News will hear from all of us and alot more if Max is put down.'
    Unless the dog has rabies - which it is not showing signs of - it will not be put down.

    Even if the vaccinations are current, the owners will definitely face two charges from Denver Animal Care and Control: a penalty for having the dog bite someone and a second penalty for having the dog off its leash at the time.
    'While we normally walk Max on-leash, we understand that by letting him off-leash in an open area away from anyone was still a mistake. We will never walk him off-leash in public areas after this,' the Robinsons said in their statement.
    Max was brought into the studio after the station's news chopper captured video footage of a firefighter rescuing Max from a freezing pond Monday after he fell through the ice and couldn't make it out.
    'I know that she is a great journalist who loves happy stories - this was a happy story,' her co-anchor Gary Shapiro said in a note to fans.
    'Kyle was glad she got assigned to it, because she loves animals,' Mr Shapiro said.
    Though she is out of the hospital, her recovery is just beginning. Ms Dyer, who is married and has children, is expected to take several weeks to return to work.
    'She's doing well, and will make a recovery, and we're all thinking about her and her family,' said 9News vice president Patti Dennis.
    'Kyle- of all people!- is the biggest dog lover and even yesterday we were talking about how, as dog lovers, we think every dog belongs to us.
    'Kyle will be back in a period of weeks- probably several but she will be back.'

    Read more: Kyle Dyer dog bite video: TV anchor describes horrific attack by 85-pound Argentinian Mastiff | Mail Online

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    Her scars look almost exactly like mine! I don't know why I felt the need to say that.

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