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Thread: Rachel Dolezal, NAACP Leader, Questioned About Race as Parents Say She’s White

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    I had totally forgotten about this bitch. Maybe I will look up the docu this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OCD View Post
    I watched it. I think she’s a narcissist and a shit mother, but in the documentary it becomes totally apparent that her sicko fundie parents are at the root of her rejecting her race. They adopted Several black kids and Rachel ended up identifying with them more than her own bio family. Her parents are fucked up. I think this woman is awful, but you can see why when you watch the documentary. Her book sold hardly any copies and her shock was an especially funny moment. It’s like this continuous narrative, “why don’t they like me!?” And she literally cannot see it.
    totally agree. it's worth watching.
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    I quit half way through, might go back. It was too much sob storying about her victimhood which is what I expected.
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    She's never going away, is she?

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