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Thread: Prince Harry stood up against homophobia

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    No it doesn't but I know of what I speak. And I do not wish to say who/what I know to know this; but you keep thinking that he's sexy prince ginge, his PR team will be thrilled.
    He's the usual "monied-twit". He maybe working in the army but officers have specific training to stop bullying after all the deaths so this wasn't so chivalrous act. When he's fighting in Afganistan (etc) he puts the rest of the team at risk - and still has his close protection team with him to get him out of the shit.
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    But Novice,he speaks so highly of you!
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    It's always been a tough gig as the Spare Heir and now William has a child due Harry will be even less relevant in terms of the succession. He isn't blessed with many brains so he's done what generations of thicko aristo second sons have done and joined the Army where he seems to be doing a useful job. If he's sensible he'll carry on doing it but I think he'll always be a loose cannon, so to speak.
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