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Thread: Philip Morris sues Australia over cigarette packaging

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    More proof that the fucking Greenies are running this country.
    I wish they were.
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    I'm an avid non smoker, but I think all this bullshit about smoking is completely ridiculous. Is smoking the worst thing a person can do? What about alcohol? I've never heard about anyone causing an accident and/or killing someone under the influence of cigarettes. If you've been smoking all day, the worst thing that can happen is you'll stink to high heaven. If you've been drinking all day, then, well... people do weird (and dangerous) things.

    I can see how they might want to encourage people not to smoke around other people. but that's just common sense. If you're around non-smokers and you want to light up, ask if they mind. Most won't mind. if someone lights up without asking, I start to cough and move away a bit. They usually get the hint.

    I just really don't get the panic about smoking.

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    I just don't get the point of packaging ciggies with rotten teeth and black lungs, etc. If people want to smoke and they've been smoking for awhile, they already know about the health effects their habit has and they've clearly accepted that to keep smoking. It's their bodies and it's legal so *shrugs* let em light up. Smoking has already been banned in bars and cafes which is common sense, no need to keep demonizing it when we have drunks killing people on the street or crack killing urban neighborhoods. Go demonize that instead.

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    How are these companies allowed to put addictive chemicals in these cigarettes that have been proven to kill?

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    C'mon darling, you don't really think the government gives a fuck about people's health, do you?

    They allow all sorts of horrible chemicals in everything from water, to food (see Monsanto), to the things homes are constructed from. As long as they get money from taxes or corporate lobbies they will continue to allow it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    It's weird. I mean, smoking is bad, but is it the worst thing people do? It seems like governments are always going after cigarettes. Random taxes, laws about smoking in your house, car, yard, etc.
    ^^ This.

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