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Thread: Olive Garden, Red Lobster Cut Back Work Hours to Avoid Paying for Health Insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by fgg View Post
    i challenge you to find me a better tasting cheddar biscuit!

    unpopular opinion - i will continue to eat at these places (capital grille, bahama breeze, season's 52 and the occasional biscuit from red lobster) because i like the food.
    No way, I don't believe you. You seem so strong when it comes to your beliefs; I think a hacker made you say a sick joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Who the hell eats at Red Lobster anyway. Overpriced garbage food for idiots.
    We had some coworkers that went on vacation to Florida. Right there,with all the fresh seafood in the world, thay ate at Red Lobster!! Good grief.
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    We changed health plans at my company, which ended up pissing off the owner because he had to change his doctor. The head of HR had to personally find him a new doctor after the owner complained rather loudly in the hallway that this new plan was awful and he didn't know why it was chosen. The HR guy was overheard complaining that the company is spending too much on claims because we've had 10 women announce that they were pregnant in the last year.
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