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Thread: Obese Mother Accidentally Kills Unborn Child After Gastric Bypass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed Hour View Post
    Many GSB patients don't get dumping and when they do, quickly learn not to eat that food again.
    The majority if us do get dumping syndrome and after a few years, many learn how to push the limits so they can go right back to eating the sweets. I have seen too many people from my support group regain because they eat around the surgery.

    My surgery was 8 years ago and even back then they gave me a pregnancy test the morning of surgery. My surgeon also had me sign a statement of the risk which included what would happen if I got pregnany within a year of surgery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaMama View Post
    Sure you don't blame the doctors? I do. I don't know the UK protocol, but in the US before they slice you open they take your blood and if you are a woman of child bearing years, a few drops of that blood will be tested to see if you're pregnant. The NHS doesn't do pre-op testing?
    Everytime I've been into an NHS hospital I've had to do a piss test to ensure I wasn't

    Due to the criteria of a BMI of over 40 I suspect that her surgery was carried out at a private hosital or she had other health concerns (type 2 diabetes, etc) criteria here:- Obesity - Surgery - NHS Choices
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