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Thread: No credit card? No Ipad.

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    I'm not a huge Apple fan (just have an iPod and iPhone) and had doubts about it and I never really thought about getting one. A few weeks ago I got to play around with one a friend brought up from the states, and while I loved it, I don't think it would be useful as a full fledged tablet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Face View Post
    Get an Archos 9 - it is a 9 inch tablet computer, runs off of windows 7 and has a 60 gig hard drive and costs about the same as an IPad. I have several Archos products and love them.
    Asus is also coming out with a tablet that looks promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ana-mish-ana View Post
    Apple has turned into Micro$oft. Don't get me started on the shit they are helping to create with e-books Ugh.
    Forgive me for asking, but huh? I cant say Im not interested in this, Im a huge fan of Ebooks.

    On topic, I really like the iPad, if only for the Ebooks. However Im not at all thrilled with that price and actually checked one out from a friend. Looks like a glorified iTouch to me. No I dont think its worth $500. Ill wait for Android to blow them out of the water... again. And truthfully, Apple makes me sick. Im no real Apple fan. I have a Macbook, and iPod and an iTouch. I love the iPod and iTouch but just about every time I go to get some new application, game, just about anything involving a computer or even just use it I wish my old computer was working again. And dont even get me started on the cost of repairs for this thing... with insurance. The insurance policy for the iPod was amazing, the Macbook is trash. They dont cover water damage, what in the World is that? So someone spills something on your laptop you have to all but get a new one, there goes $1500. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt so darn expensive.

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    Hardly any electrical insurance covers water damage. And I didn't know that I Pads were only $500! Wow! Thats cheap!
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    They should cover water damage true...I bought my old macbook at bestbuy and made around $300 for a warranty that included everything.

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