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Thread: Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mail boxes

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    I read an article that had accounts from a couple people who planted them because they had reasons to think they could be from people they knew-and most did in separate planters. I think most people said that they sprouted but didn't know what they were, one lady said they never sprouted, and then she tried to reuse the soil to plant something else and other things wouldn't grow afterwards, but who knows if that was the result of the seeds or because the environment they were in wasn't conducive anyway since the mystery seeds didn't sprout either. When they contacted authorities about it they were all told to double bag everything and turn it in so that they could dispose of it.

    An article popped up in my facebook feed yesterday that some of the packets that were turned in had been evaluated and were all non-worrisome plants (some vegetables, flowers, etc), and that it was most likely a weird "brushing" scheme - which is when people send out packages that weren't ordered to boost online sales and get fake reviews (so like all those amazon listings that you see with crazy high ratings and reviews that don't seem to make sense, they generate the "sale" in amazon, have to prove they shipped something and seeds are light and cheap, and then leave a review).
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    Now that makes sense. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helladamnleet View Post
    Or curious. I'd plant them just because I'm curious what they are now
    When they start to bloom, smoke it then see what happens.
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    Nah, I suggest to try to smoke it in every state. Before blooming, while blooming, the flowers, the leaves, the stem, just to be sure.

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