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Thread: Mother Pregnant With Twin Boys Kills Herself Because She Wanted a Girl

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    Exactly. Women are not taken seriously because people don't believe that you can possibly be feeling anything other than happy and content while pregnant and after giving birth. I myself took ages to admit I had a problem after having my son because I was scared of the judgement. These women took the first steps and sought help only to be pushed away. Even now when I go to the GP, they look at my records and ask me how I am doing now that I have finished therapy and meds just because I have an awesome GP. Even if I am only taking my son in for a checkup they still check on me even though I'm not the patient being treated at the time. This whole situation is disgraceful and I hope the doctor learns something from this and starts taking his patients more seriously.
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    Yikes. I was all set to judge this woman and call her selfish, but knowing that she had mental illness explains a lot. Pregnancy isn't all fun and games, and even as a man, I know women go through a lot of stress when dealing with the change in their bodies and hormones and the pressure of carrying a life around for months. Very sad story ruined by sensationalism.
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    Mental illness/postpartum depression (maybe undiagnosed from her first pregnancies?) & crazy preggo hormones... ugh. Poor lady. I had PD & it's no joke, as much as I loathe my X, one thing he did right was FORCE me to go to the doctor & get some help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    I've seen families with just three boys and it's pretty scary. And smelly.
    Actually, Google the term gender desire/gender depression, it does exist. But I agree that it is a form of mental instability or illness aggravated by pregnancy/post partum hormones. These type of comments are hurtful to people who do in fact have 3 or more children of one gender. FWIW we have a ton of boys and our house smells great! We are thankful our children are happy and healthy.

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    There is such a thing as antepartum depression too. The issue was definitely not the sex of the babies, this woman was seriously sick and nobody helped her.
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