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Thread: Michael Morones, 11, attempts suicide after being bullied over My Little Pony

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    If he has locked-in syndrome, then he's fully aware and conscious, but is paralyzed and can't communicate. Locked and trapped in his own body.
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    This gives me such a range of emotions. I feel sad for the family, frustrated for the boy, and so angry that people would taunt him to the point where he felt hopeless. I think of him often, especially when I watch my own kids playing with their ponies or watching it on the computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    We have truly lucked out with the small school my kids go to. (they are only 4 and 6, but still) The kids there of all ages are just so nice. I know we are just lucky, but I am so thankful for it. My little boy has really bad cross eyes and wears pretty thick glasses to correct for them. He was having a really bad day one day with not wanting to wear them and crying a little bit because he didn't want to be different. His teacher went to go get a senior who she knew pretty well (an extremely handsome, popular boy with athletic scholarship offers in baseball and football) and this young man took the contacts he normally wears out, put on his glasses, and came to take my son to the lunchroom where he sat at his own table and ate with him. A four year old and an eighteen year old! This was his idea completely; the teacher just wanted him to talk to him. My boy was in heaven. All I hear now is "Reid wears glasses, and they make him play baseball better" Reid this, Reid that. If young people had any idea of what a difference they could (and do!) make on others' lives it would probably scare them. Trust me, I am going to remember sweet Reid when he graduates in May!

    I wish the world had more Reids and I hope if there are more like him out there, they will find your precious son. This is weighing heavily on my heart.

    In kindergarten, we had '8th grade buddies' (school was from K-8) who would come to our classroom once a month and do projects with us, chaperone us for Santa's Workshop (annual "store" set up in the cafeteria where we could buy Xmas gifts for our families), and pair up with us on Field Day at the local park, walking us through the line for lunch and taking us to the bathroom. Everyone had their own assigned "buddy" and I have a very vivid memory of my big kid friend, Kristen, cheering me on at the bottom of the jungle gym (one of those enclosed metal-barred towers with a pole down the middle) on the last day we spent with them before they graduated. I'd been too scared to climb to the top in the fall and she spent every trip during the year patiently helping me get a little higher. Sliding down that pole was like coming full circle for my five year old self, conquering that first year of school and all the big changes that went with it. I can barely even remember what she looked like now, but I still remember the impression she left on me. I started school as a shy, cautious kid and ended it with friends and self-confidence. Maybe it would have been different if I'd realized she was basically forced to interact with me, but being so young I just remember thinking that if I could be friends with this big kid, then I could be friends with everyone. I'm still grateful to her for showing me that school was not something to fear and helping me realize, "hey, I got this."

    It breaks my heart that kids don't get that feeling anymore, that sending my own kids off to school I couldn't honestly assure them that there wasn't anything to worry about. I don't remember my parents having to "prepare" me for school. They presented it like this new little adventure, while I spent every day leading up to my oldest's first day praying she was thick-skinned enough just in case. The sheer relief my mother predicted I would feel once one kid was in the grind never came, and even though they've all got plenty of friends and have never had any major issues with bullying (there was a new girl bothering my younger daughter in first grade, but that's settled), I still get this knot in my stomach every day at three o'clock and it doesn't subside until I see them smiling on the curb. Kids like Reid and Kristen are like little heroes, IMO. Just by being kind and decent they change entire little worlds. Sadly the buddy program was gone by the time I hit 8th, so I joined the Big Sister program instead. I think it's about time schools started reinstating those kinds of things.

    Maybe more of these kids would be sliding down the jungle gym instead of lying in hospitals. This boy and his family are in my thoughts.
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