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Thread: Maylasian Airline has lost contact with a 777

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    Yesterday was a national day of mourning in The Netherlands when the first 40 caskets arrived with human remains of flight MH17. It was quite an impressive show of respect for the victims.

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    the people who stole credit cards, cell phones, jewellery etc. from the crash site should be ashamed of themselves. have some fucking respect and decency.
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    I think if you are going to steal stuff from corpses in this tragedy, you probably don't and never will know what "respect" or "decency" mean
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    And if there is a hell I hope they rot in it.
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    It's a third world country folks - they do NOT have the same rules/regulations there. If they did, the area would have been cordoned off to begin with and nothing would have been stolen. because of the political unrest there, it became a no holds barred free-for-all with the passengers' belongings. It's enough to make you throw up.
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    The country, as a whole, is not third world, but the area where this happened is pretty damn screwed up right now. Store hours are reduced, water is only on for limited hours and must be boiled, people can't freely move about, access banking systems, etc. However, the looting, according to local rumour (I'm getting this from a friend of a friend of a cousin) was done by rebels. They got control of the site early and kept people away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    MH17 claimed a bigger share of the Dutch population than 9/11 did in the US - Vox

    Is it possible to allow a tragedy to stand on its own, without pointless comparison to other tragedies?
    agree. it's like Big Data gone bad ....

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    I was watching the news yesterday where they were unloading the coffins from the plane, and I just cried. It was so bloody sad. I'm just so thrown by the fact that they just flat out shot this commercial plane out of the sky. All those children.

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    I didn't mind the 9/11 comparison. People are so saturated with horrors, and there's a numbness that sets in. I don't flatter myself that I can imagine how this feels to the Dutch or anybody who lost loved ones, or to the poor Ukrainian woman who stood there in her front yard screaming as corpses rained from the sky. It's hideous. 9/11 is as close as most Americans will get to experiencing awful things like that at home, so maybe some folks could use the prompt.

    Those children, all those poor broken bodies lying in the field of sunflowers, the drunken assholes rooting through their things, laughing, Tweeting is a fucking nightmare. And you know the media didn't tell us the worst of it.

    This kind of crap hits a real raw nerve with me, because in early December of 1988, I took Pan Am 103 home from Heathrow London. We lifted off around six pm. Our flight was uneventful. A couple of weeks later all hell broke loose and everything, including my positive attitude about flying, was changed forever.

    I love the UK. I'd thought about staying longer. The 20th and the 21st were written in my notebook from when I called the airline to see which right-before-Christmas flights still had open seats. But homesickness is a bitch, so I kept my original ticket. 22 years old. My poor mother's face when she read the headlines....

    I wish incidents of this type felt as blisteringly horrible and real to everybody as Lockerbie did to us that day--and again, far, far more to those who lose people they love, and to those who die. Maybe it wouldn't be so easy to be a heartless ASSHOLE.

    IMO no punishment is sufficiently dire for people who do shit like this, and this latest crop of murderous sociopaths are totally going to get away with it. Putin most of all. The empty chill of his response to the whole thing! Smug fucker!!!! I had this serious Carlin moment of "You know, I really want to set that guy on fire..."

    Still think that would be entirely appropriate.
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