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Thread: Mary Kay Letourneau: I Want to Get My Name Off Sex-Offender Register

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    Being interviewed by Barbara W. and hosting hot for teacher nights is not going to help convince her she did wrong. And neither is the societal double standard of omg! predator/child molester In a male teacher/female student situation vs. the "every boy's fantasy" BS in a female teacher/male student scenario, at least when it's an attractive female teacher. In the Debra (too beautiful to go to prison) la Favre case in particular there was a lot of that. Crap like lucky boys, what guy wouldn't want to have sex with her, wish we'd had female teachers like her when I went to school, etc. It's either a crime or it's not, and while the physical appearance of male teachers who molest female students is never brought up, many people only seem to vilify predatory female teachers if they are unattractive.
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    I think it was during the whole Debra La Favre when they had a bunch of experts doing the rounds on the talk shows. They said they female predators/molesters are not seen in the same violent/scary light as male offenders. They are viewed as still being somewhat maternal and gentle, even though their crimes are just as dangerous to the children involved. They even talked about how so many people say that the boys are lucky and that it doesn't harm them, but in fact, it does.

    I think these women are horrible.

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    I do understand the fact that the male sex organ can actually be used as a weapon to maim or even kill, but I really don't believe female predators should get off so easily.
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