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Thread: At Least Four Dead as Too Many Thrill-Seekers Try to Summit Everest at Once

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    I can't believe no one has written this yet:

    Dead yet??????

    P.S. sorry, had to.

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    You'd think someone would control the number of climbers going up. Maybe even the climbers themelves. If you know there are 200 people on the mountain this weekend, wait.
    There's a narrow window of opportunity to summit due to the weather. Also, it's quite expensive and quite a long trip to even get to base camp. So people don't want to wait because they figure they spent all the time and money getting there, and if the forecast is good that day they want to go to the summit if they can, not take a chance on waiting.

    Not saying it's right, but that's the thinking.
    "Don't trust nobody, and 'nobody' meaning Jay Leno in particular." -Chris Rock

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