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Thread: Kimberly & Craig Fugate, Parents of Surprise Quads: 'Taking It One Day at a Time'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    Eh I'm sorry if I came off sanctimonious, I figured you were saying that lightly once I thought about it but by then I was getting entrenched in troo internet style.
    No worries. I can be a little too flippant sometimes in regards to kids and the DH, and I forget that the anonymity of the internet makes it hard to tell I'm kidding. IRL, the jokes are offset by what people know of me as a parent. There's no such protection on the interwebz, so if I sound like Joan Crawford... Well, suffice to say, I get why it may have pinged for you. No harm done and sorry back if I was a little defensive.

    ETA: Now that that's cleared up... *abandons thread*
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    The daughter of an ex-neighbor is pregnant with triplet girls. She's due in June but doubts she'll make it that far. She's young......I can't imagine going from no baby to 3 babies all at once. Shit, my girls were 22 months apart and they exhausted me!
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