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Thread: Internet ruins racist truck's fun times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    I need to get that tard smiley!! It's hilarious!
    i know, right?! it's so awesome. the possibilities for its use are endless!
    white, black, puerto rican/everybody just a freakin'/good times were rollin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    You mean this one?


    One of my all-time favorite Chappelle moments.
    Today is the day for this icon:

    Absolutely hysterical.

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    Hopefully these racist hickabillies will inbreed themselves into oblivion.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post

    Stop talking historical fact! It's far easier to just throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks. Although technically he was assassinated less than a week after Confederate forces surrendered.
    Sorry! I can't help it. Eight years of majoring in American History takes it's toll.

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    Racist truck asshole makes the news again.

    Alleged white supremacist arrested on gun charges in Manassas

    Photo on Doug Story's profile page on the Tea Party Fund website.

    Criminal complaint against Douglas Story
    By: DAVID PIERCE | News & Messenger
    Published: May 30, 2012
    Updated: May 30, 2012 - 7:13 PM

    MANASSAS, Va. --

    The FBI took down an alleged white supremacist in the parking lot of the Bull Run Plaza shopping center Tuesday after they say he paid an undercover agent to illegally modify his AK-47 assault rifle.

    Douglas Howard Story, 48, of Manassas is charged with making a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act and is accused of making threats online to the president and others, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Peter Carr said.

    A confidential informant told the FBI he read online in August 2011 that Story – a former Virginia Department of Transportation employee -- planned on buying and modifying an AK-47 to be automatic, according to a U.S. District Court arrest affidavit.

    Authorities determined Story told a confidential informant he planned on ambushing and murdering any law enforcement officer that stopped him on the street should martial law be enacted in the U.S., the affidavit said.

    The complaint said the man also, while under the screen name “Confederate Brother” on several white supremacy website forums, wrote about various scenarios which included potential assassinations of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder—noting he desired to have both removed from office “with a 30.06.”

    The informant obtained Story’s home phone number and was asked by the man to either sell him a modified fully-automatic AK-47 or to help him with illegally converting an AK-47 gun he already owned to be automatic, the affidavit said.
    Story met the informant in the parking lot at a Chantilly restaurant on April 5 at 2:25 p.m. where he again asked help in modifying his machine gun, the documents said.

    The informant then said a friend of his named Ricky—an undercover law enforcement officer—could modify Story’s gun for $125, but Story said he didn’t immediately have the money, the complaint said.*

    Story acknowledged the modification was illegal, but still wanted to do it, even to the point of having the gun being able to switch from semi- to fully-automatic to appear legal in shooting ranges, among other changes, the documents said.

    Story, according to the affidavit, was at one point concerned about the legality of the scheme, which prompted him to tell the informant to postpone the modification.

    But Story soon came up with the money and wanted to give Ricky a $20 bonus after the price was lowered to $100, the documents said.

    Story, the informant and Ricky met on May 9 at a Chantilly restaurant where Ricky talked about how he planned on illegally changing the gun, the affidavit stated.

    The document said Story told the men he planned on saying he had mental issues from a motorcycle injury if caught.

    Story gave the AK-47—which was placed in a hard case—to Ricky after they all walked to his pickup truck after their Chantilly lunch, Wiegand said in the affidavit.

    Money and the gun were exchanged, and Ricky told Story the modifications would be done by Wednesday after a brief business trip, the documents said.

    Officials said in the affidavit the gun was loaded with .223/762 ammunition.

    FBI Defense Systems Unit officials in Quantico modified the machine gun on May 10 on Ricky’s behalf, the complaint said.* The firearm was delivered to Story at the Bull Run Plaza shopping center on Wednesday, officials said in the affidavit.

    Authorities arrested Story after he accepted the illegally-modified gun and started to walk away, the complaint said.

    The ATF determined Story wasn’t registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record to have a gun “which can automatically shoot more than one shot with a single function of the trigger,” the complaint said.

    The affidavit also talked about Story’s history and ties to white supremacist websites.

    In 2010 Story made national news *when he placed anti-Islam decal on his truck, along with a state-issued license plate later determined to be racist. The Department of Motor Vehicles ordered him to replace the plates, which read “14CV88,” references to the Confederacy and “Heil Hitler,” according to authorities.

    Officials also determined Story “had the propensity” to hate and have violence toward people of several races, including Jewish Americans, African Americans, and other minorities, the affidavit read.

    Story could face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, authorities said.

    Staff writer David Pierce can be reached at 703-530-3905.
    Alleged white supremacist arrested on gun charges in Manassas | InsideNova

    Pictures etc at link
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


    "What's traitors, precious?" -- President Gollum

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    ^The gift that keeps on giving! Cannot happen to a better person

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    Fitting in Bull Run parking lot. He was full of bull for sure.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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