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Thread: How These 5th Grade Football Players Responded To Their Waterboy Being Bullied

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    My heart hurts for you guys too. When I look back on my own childhood, I'm often surprised that I escaped much of what I read about now. And then, some friends tell me they were bullied or feared a parent or were molested and never said anything about it. Dang.
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    Thanks for the kind words it is definitely difficult to hold to together sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkles View Post
    As a mom of a boy who has been picked on and bullied for being different (my son has Asperger's and Tourette's Syndrome), I only wish my son had met some kids like these. What wonderful boys!
    Quote Originally Posted by Air Quotes View Post
    You have my sympathy, my son is six and autistic and his bullying is just beginning. It is heartwreching,
    My love to your boys. Glad they have great parents like you guys.

    I was bullied from (at least) 7 to 11 & my mother did nothing about it. I was also bullied by my sister and I swear that my mother is a psychopath. They can't understand why I choose to have nothing to do with them. Oh & my sister (she's 48) is still pulling her stupid games , like inviting my parents for Xmas in September so I can be with them (not that I would want to) and shit like that.
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