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Thread: Homeless Man's Voice Prompts Job Offers

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    'Golden Voice' Ted Williams -- Headed Back to Rehab

    40 minutes ago by TMZ Staff
    Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- is heading back to rehab today ... Ted's manager tells TMZ.

    We're told ... later today, Ted will return to the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas -- the same place he bailed on back in January.

    Ted's manager says Mr. Golden Voice plans on attending a 90-day program to "get his strength back" and to get a "solid foundation in a 12-step program."

    We're told Ted's book deal and reality show have been put on hold until he completes the program.

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    Sheesh, he's still around?

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    I think America has lost interest. I have no desire to watch him get rich.
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    Thursday, January 12th 2012
    Open Post: Hosted By The Return Of Golden Voice

    When we last left the homeless man turned Internet star with a voice that lined everyone's ear holes with gold velvet, he had quit rehab and shit was not looking good. But Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ted Williams on the anniversary of day he was born on the Internet and gave us some good news. Golden Voice is completely off the crack, has a job and lives in a big condo with his girlfriend. The Internet actually did something good! Although, the Internet can continue to do good by sending his Nancy Grace-ish girlfriend some hair shears, because no girlfriend of Golden Voice should be cutting her bangs with nail clippers.

    via Reddit
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    That's pretty heartwarming. He is a REALLY emotional guy, and his girlfriend does look like Nancy Grace, so I guess there is still a downside to the story....

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