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Thread: Groom has seizure at altar, Bride scans crowd & marries another man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linne View Post
    Bride has usually no say in the matter.

    But she is female, no? Normally women has lots of choices there, just like this one and the family doesn't interfere. If you want to marry your rapist, go ahead! I am sure she fully wanted to marry him, happily smooth life ever after.

    The family of an Indian woman in the northern state of Orissa who married a man she accused of raping her has told the BBC she had "no other option".Her father told the BBC's Hindi Service that the family was also considering withdrawing their complaint against the man, who has been freed on bail.The woman has previously told local media that she was a willing participant in the marriage.Rape and other sexual crimes are a taboo subject in Indian society.Victims find it difficult to marry and are often blamed for inviting the attacks on themselves.The woman's father told the BBC he had no choice other than to marry his daughter to the alleged attacker."Her whole life would have been ruined. And we would have to put up with the embarrassment forever," he said.The wedding took place inside Jharpada jail on 28 January in Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Orissa, where the man had been held since his arrest last year on rape charges.The judge ordered the prison officials to organise the wedding after the alleged victim and attacker filed a joint petition in court, requesting permission to marry.
    'My own decision'"It was my own decision to marry him. Our parents also agreed to it. I am optimistic that we will have a smooth life," the women was quoted as saying by The Times of India at the time of the ceremony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i bet the real story is that this was an arranged marriage, when the groom had his seizure and his condition was discovered, the bride and her family probably felt she was no longer bound by the agreement between both families, and i bet she picked the brother of her sister's husband because they already had feelings for each other and this was their chance.
    Looks like Sput has been rubbing her crystal balls.

    'My fiancee's family drugged me then watched me collapse at the altar so she could marry another man': Groom whose Indian bride married wedding guest on how he was robbed of happiness

    • Jugal Kishore, 25, collapsed before exchanging vows with his wife-to-be
    • He regained consciousness two hours later and returned to wedding venue
    • He discovered his angry bride Indiravati, 23, had married a guest instead
    • Mr Kishore claims bride and her family fed him sweets laced with sedatives
    • Bride's family deny claim and say Mr Kishore behaved like an 'alcoholic'
    • He filed a report with police but families have resolved situation amicably

    A jilted groom who passed out at his wedding only to find his fiancee married to another when he came round two hours later has accused her of feeding him sweets laced with sedatives.
    Jugal Kishore, 25, from Uttar Predesh province, India, claims bride Indiravati, 23, drugged him in order to marry her secret sweetheart and humiliate his family.
    Mr Kishore says he was given a traditional sweet made of betel leaves when he arrived at the ceremony ten days ago, after which he started feeling woozy.


    Jugal Kishore (left), 25, was left devastated when his wife-to-be wife Indiravati, 23, (right) married a guest

    He said: 'I'd not eaten all day either, so I felt uneasy on my feet and I just hit the floor.'
    Having just made the 370-mile journey from his village to the celebration he was immediately rushed off to hospital.
    When he regained consciousness two hours later he went back to the wedding venue to continue the rituals, but Indiravati was married to Harpal Singh, a member of her brother-in-law's family.

    Mr Singh claimed he was caught off guard as he was only wearing jeans and a leather jacket at the time, but agreed to go ahead with the wedding anyway.
    Mr Kishore added: 'I was helpless. The wedding was already over and she was no more mine.
    'I had to return home without my wife. I can never forgive her for this embarrassment.'
    His elder brother Ravi Kumar, 34, believes the whole wedding was a farce and it was a conspiracy to insult the family.
    He said: 'My brother is perfectly healthy. He's never suffered any seizures. In fact the doctor said he was anxious and had a high blood pressure and that's why he lost consciousness.
    'He sent him home with no concerns and told him to eat some food. It's shocking that no one from the bride's family joined us at the hospital. They seemed totally unfazed.'
    Mr Kishore claims Indiravati's relatives became aggressive when he went back to the wedding venue.
    He said: 'After I returned from the hospital, a crowd of nearly 250 people surrounded my family. They threatened us and told us to pay Rs 50,000 (£520) for the wedding.

    'My family pleaded with them to be reasonable but they did not budge.'
    However, Indiravati's family say Mr Singh had an epileptic seizure at the altar, and angry that they had not been informed of his health issues, they married her off to someone else instead.
    Indiravati's younger brother Suraj, 18, has also accused Mr Kishore of being drunk and said his sister called off the wedding because she didn't want to 'marry an alcoholic'.

    'We never said he'd suffered an epileptic seizure and we did not give him any sweets laced with sedatives,' her brother said. 'These stories are getting out of control.'
    'The wedding was going well and everything was fine until the wedding garlands were exchanged and then he started throwing up. He was shivering and was not in his senses.
    'This is when my sister and family decided to call off the wedding as we were confident that he was an alcoholic and perhaps a sick man.
    'We didn't go to the hospital with him because we were very angry with them for hiding his drinking habit.
    'My sister confirmed she no longer wanted to marry Jugal, so the whole family stood by her decision.
    'My sister did know her now husband but they were never friends before hand.
    'Harpal is my brother-in-law's younger brother and is a wonderful man. When my sister asked him if he would marry her, he said yes immediately. He is a gem of a person.'

    Mr Kishore added: 'I cannot believe she has spread these rumours about me having a seizure to marry an old friend.
    'I am finding it really hard to comprehend how a young guy would quickly agree to a wedding? I am certain they already knew each other and it was all planned.'
    'I don't have a history of seizures. I don't suffer with epilepsy.
    'I have no idea where they've got that information from, it's ridiculous and totally untrue. They're just making up stories and protecting themselves.'

    Mr Kishore and his relatives filed a report with police, but eventually withdrew the case after elders intervened and begged them to reconsider.
    Police Chief Ram Khiladi Solanki said: 'Ravi Kumar came to us with a complaint but before we could intervene the bride's family arrived at the station and compromised the matter.

    'Both families have amicably resolved the situation and the complaints have now been withdrawn.'
    The jilted groom added: 'We thought it is better to move on. Now that she is married there's not much I can do about it anyway.
    'But I cannot forgive her ever for what she has done to me. It's been very embarrassing.'

    Read more: Groom whose Indian bride married a guest accuses her family of planning it¬* | Daily Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linne View Post
    Bollywood trope is usually "take my bride" where the groom gives away the bride to the man she loves secretly. See every Shah Rukh Khan movie ever made. Bride has usually no say in the matter.
    I just learned something new. Thank you.

    They accuse the pre-groom of being an alcoholic so that's that. No soup for you! Next!

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    she's giving good side eye in that picture.
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    Major side eye!
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

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    Pre-groom looks like his drug-laced candy is just starting to hit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Linne View Post
    Bollywood trope is usually "take my bride" where the groom gives away the bride to the man she loves secretly. See every Shah Rukh Khan movie ever made. Bride has usually no say in the matter.
    Oh, this was a Satyajit Ray movie. I've only seen 45 of SRK's. I guess I'd better get busy!
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