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Thread: Goldman Sachs tops list of oddest interview questions

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    ^I love that! I would have probably hired you just for your honesty and the sheer magnitude of ballsy it took to say that.

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    And because he looked all spiffy in his interview getup.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    .. and smelled like sex panther.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    I once had a really good friend set me up with an interview for Capital One ... he was a manager and I basically already had the job but just had to do the actual interview. At the time, I had just graduated from a business school (with high honors) that put us through grueling taped interview processes and then critiqued them endlessly. My DH and I had also just bought a house that we wanted to renovate. When I went to the interview, everything was going great until he got to one question .... "If I gave you $10,000 free and clear, what would you do with it." I said that I renovate and decorate my house because that's what I was into at the time ... I really didn't think it was a wrong answer. He started grilling me, saying I had to use the $10K for fun .... but fun at that time for me was redoing my house, KWIM? I lost the job literally to that one question .... confirmed by my really good friend. And this was about 14 years ago so I can only imagine the kind of questions they ask now. Assholes.
    Totally ridiculous. What fukkers!
    I went through something like this a few months ago on a phone interview with T-Mobile. A job I so did not want and was offered. I think I made up several answers to their dumb b.s questions. I don't think the lady on the other end of the phone was even listening anyway lol! I turned it down, I would have been miserable there.

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    When I applied for a 911 job, one of the interview questions was, "If you were a jungle animal, which one would it be and why?"

    I'm not quite sure how this was supposed to figure in to my ability to handle emergency situations.
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    because they're not only testing you for your ability to do the tasks pertaining to the job. it's also about personality, how you would fit in with the team, how good your instincts are, how capable you are of thinking outside the box, how you respond to weird questions you have no time to prepare for, etc...
    if i were hiring people to work for me, the most important thing for me would be their intelligence and flexibility/capacity to adapt to unforeseen situations, and a good sense of humour. if they have all of that, they can learn how to do the job. that's more important than someone who maybe already knows how to do the job but who i wouldn't want to spend 8+ hours with every day. basically, by replying 'what does that have to do with the job i'm applying for?' to a weird question would be a warning bell telling me this is not the kind of person i want to hire.

    this thread reminds me, i have a cousin working at goldman sachs in london, i should e-mail her and ask her if she got any weird questions when she was applying.
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