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Thread: Fury over school bus video: Bus monitor "bullied"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnieD View Post
    Now apparently, at least one of the families is getting death threats.
    So people outraged about bullying become the bullies?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    I read the story that says one of the dads apologized. But the attached video is the same one of the bus driver taking shit, not of a dad apologizing. Of course, at this point they are probably afraid of showing their faces.
    I saw the video of the dad on Inside Edition yesterday. It's supposedly on their website but I can't get it to play on my computer.
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    Pit bulls used to be just dogs.

    Now they are also children.

    And across our computer screens yesterday morning a pack of them attacked and mauled a bus monitor.

    A little grandmother, near 70, watching over them on one of the year’s last school days.

    They didn’t punch her or kick her or stab her with their knives. But they broke her heart and they enraged a nation and as mushrooming hundreds of thousands see what they did, the horror and the rage are universal.

    The little bastards.

    Little savage bastards.

    They mocked her age and her weight, dropped the f-bomb scores of times, called her ugly and “a troll,” and left her with tears streaming down her face.

    Seventh-grade dogs in violation of the leash law.

    Every bit of civilization and civility thrown out the window of a hot and rolling school bus, another proud demonstration of exactly how bad things can get.

    Or a jarring suggestion that we don’t know how bad things are.

    Was this exception, or rule? Was it a spontaneous outbreak of bad behavior, or was it just the way they roll?

    In the era of the camera phone and Facebook, in a valueless microsociety, the jackals post video of themselves attacking the gazelles at the watering hole.

    Yesterday we didn’t know who that bus monitor was. Today she is on CNN.

    And we are all on that bus.

    Being taken on a tour of the dark side, the place where “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” are unknown and unlived. Where respect for one’s elders and regard for others feelings are meaningless and dead.

    We wept for her, we raged at them, we wondered how it could be, we wished her son or grandson could storm onto the bus and settle the score with those savage little pukes.

    We hoped it ended with them in the backseat of a cop car, held to account for the evil they’d done, given one last chance to learn, the hard way, how people should and shouldn’t act.

    Across the nation we wondered about their homes, and what sort of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” ugliness we would find there. Were these the product of the dysfunction that passes for “family” in too much of our society, or were these free agents who had veered from sound foundations into the savagery of the urban street?

    Only this wasn’t the urban street.

    This was a suburban school bus. This was a lady who had driven school bus for 20 years, and was in her third as a monitor, and says she will be back for a fourth. This was a big yellow piece of the American dream, a free education, taking “the children are our future” home on a warm spring day.

    When all hell broke loose.

    Again and some more.

    Because there was more than one video, and there was more than one day, and though the rest of the students are angry at this embarrassment of their school, nobody was angry enough to stop this, or nip it in the bud, or recognize its sewer stench as a part of their community.

    What’s doubly troubling is the fact that she was the monitor, she was the person put on the bus to keep this from happening, she was the defense against this savagery. And she was powerless to protect herself from it.

    Or even punish it when it happened.

    Had the idiots involved not Facebooked their exploits, the school administration would have been happily oblivious to this. This monitor was beaten down not just by the taunts of a pack of savages, but seemingly by a system that allowed such taunts and savages to run free.

    The video of that attack is an indictment of the monsters involved, and of the system that failed to control and punish them. That degree of insolence and savagery doesn’t appear in full flower out of nowhere, it putrefies and metastasizes over time. Like weeds in a garden, bad conduct flourishes when it is unchecked, when its first signs are not challenged and punished. Small evils grow to large evils, and dogs run wild where they feel free.

    And a group of American seventh-graders felt no compunction whatsoever about ganging up on the elderly grandmother sent to protect them. They acted with impunity because they knew they could act with impunity.

    The countless offenses and insults of their defective upbringing never elicited the condemnation or punishment they deserved, and so they compounded and cascaded into this national scandal of savagery.

    Which happened more than once.

    The police weren’t called, the administration wasn’t told, the bus wasn’t pulled over and the miscreants put off.

    Because the lunatics run the asylum.

    The rage of entitled children and advocating parents is unquestioned and unchecked in the modern school system. And a beaten down woman figured it was better to take the taunts of social defectives than to run the risk of rocking the administrative boat.

    The school leaders will announce today what punishment the students will face.

    They should also announce what changes they will make. Because that video is proof that what they’re doing now doesn’t work.

    The schools can’t control what type of pit bulls modern homes send to be educated, but they can keep them on a leash.

    And they better start doing it.

    Because that monitor was one tiny piece of a similar savagery that accosts students, teachers and bus drivers every day.

    All across this country.

    That’s what we pretend we don’t know.

    The kids are savages.

    We know that.

    So let’s look at the other issues.

    Like the complete failure of the Greece Central School district to discipline its students and maintain order on its buses.

    It’s clear from the now-famous bullying videotape of bus monitor Karen Klein that order on that bus that day had completely broken down. It is also clear from the audacity of the punks and the passivity of the monitor that neither one believed there would be any accountability for the students’ conduct.

    She didn’t shout for help. She didn’t radio the school. She didn’t alert the driver. She didn’t report it to administration. She didn’t even chastise or scold the students.

    She just sat there and took it.

    Which would be OK, if it weren’t her job to keep order on the bus.

    Her actions – ignoring the punks’ taunts – seem to indicate that she preferred their abuse to the hassle of reporting their misconduct. Whatever procedure the school had in place for discipline problems on the bus was ignored by the person whose job it was to implement it.

    And her attackers’ boldness indicates that they knew they wouldn’t get in trouble. They acted as if this sort of behavior was commonplace, and their impunity indicates they knew the monitor was powerless to hold them accountable.

    Which speaks to a broken system.

    On the bus, the idiots have free rein.

    And that is a failing of the school.

    What were its procedures for miscreants on the bus? How was discipline to be handled? How could things have gotten this far out of control?

    Greece is at the center of an embarrassing international spectacle because the school’s permissive approach to discipline taught these particular idiots that they could do whatever their depraved imagination came up with.

    And that should scare parents into demanding accountability not just of some 7th-grade punks, but of big-ticket administrators. If Greece Central School can’t protect its monitors, imagine what happens to its students.

    Greece Central School must explain its system for assuring good conduct on school buses.

    It may even need to explain why Karen Klein is a bus monitor. Though her service to the district seems to be long and honorable, the job of a bus monitor is to maintain order and to assist in the evacuation of the bus during an emergency. Monitors, for example, are required to be able to carry a 40-pound weight the length of the bus and carry it out the rear exit. That 40-pound weight is to simulate an unconscious child.

    In this instance, the monitor was incapable of maintaining order. It is uncertain whether or not she could heft the 40 pounds.

    Further, bus monitors are required to be able to communicate in spoken English. If Karen Klein, who wears hearing aids, could not hear most of the taunts of the students -- as she has told police and reporters -- then could she in an emergency truly communicate in spoken English?

    None of that is a criticism of Karen Klein. But it does raise valid questions about whether the district had the right person in the right job to protect student safety.

    Another part of this story is the odd financial jackpot aspect of it. Through the day yesterday, an online account set up by a Canadian collected money first by the tens of thousands and then by the hundreds of thousands. What was initially pitched as a “vacation fund” – presuming victims of verbal abuse need a vacation – will probably have collected a half a million dollars for Karen Klein by the end of today.

    Certainly, the bus monitor will be grateful for money which will probably change her financial status for the rest of her life, but what does getting called names have to do with getting rich? Is the connection between sympathy and the checkbook so strong that we should now expect a regular crop of YouTube millionaires?

    Could Karen Klein have imagined on Monday when she went to work that in three days she would be known to millions and have a windfall that could provide for her for the rest of her life?


    Then there’s the aspect of charging the boys with a crime.

    Contrary to the police department’s assertion that Karen Klein chose not to press charges against her tormenters, the fact is that neither she nor anyone else could press any sort of charges against them.

    The only offense in New York law which the savages might have committed is second-degree harassment. Their conduct only fits that crime.

    And they can’t be charged with that crime.

    New York law says that minors can only be charged with misdemeanors and felonies.

    And second-degree harassment is neither a misdemeanor nor a felony.

    It is a violation.

    Sort of like a speeding ticket.

    To be charged with a violation in New York, you must be at least 16. These pukes are seventh-graders, that’s about 11 or 12.

    So the conduct, as egregious as it was, when committed by people that young, is not chargeable under New York law.

    Though it makes a good story, that a compassionate Karen Klein decided not to prosecute the students, it’s simply not true. It’s a defective law that let these punks escape responsibility, not a forgiving school bus monitor.

    The police yesterday said that the students had received negative feedback from their classmates and others. One received more than a thousand text messages, all angry, some threatening.


    These boys need the fear of God put in them. They need to feel a bit of what their words were intended to make the bus monitor feel.

    The police captain at the press conference seemed to ask for sympathy for the perpetrators.

    Too bad.

    They made their bed, now they can lie in it.

    To be honest, that could be their only hope of escaping the wreck their hatred seems to be preparing to make of their lives. Maybe being scared straight will make them decide to be something other than monsters.

    So we’ll save our sympathy for the victim.

    And we’ll hope that the school has the backbone to truly discipline in a manner necessary to give this misconduct a meaningful punishment. Too many of the quotes which have issued forth from the school administrator handling this matter have sounded like the same-old mumbo jumbo. The same old meaningless hand slap that leads young men to believe they can savage an elderly woman with impunity.

    Meaningless drivel about the Bullying Response Team and the need for “dialogue on this important issue.” This isn’t an ad for another pep rally on bullying. It is a demand for improvement and accountability.

    Beginning with the punks.

    They must pay a price. It must be big. And they must start paying it now.

    And the district must announce now what that punishment is. Pushing it off until the story fades is not satisfactory. Pushing it off until the story fades is cowardice and failed leadership.

    So announce the punishment.

    Acknowledge the lack of control on buses.

    And find a way to assure this will never happen again.

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    ^^ That article hits every single point right on the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivia View Post
    That depends. Being 68, she probably bought that house decades ago, around the same time my parents bought theirs. In that case, she probably paid 10% of what her current neighbors are paying for their new houses.

    I imagine her house was paid off over 10 years ago, if she never refinanced or reverse mortgaged. Maybe she used her dead husband's life insurance to pay off the house (smart move, if she did.) As the neighborhood becomes wealthier and more expensive, she continues to live there.

    Part of the harassment she received was so obviously based on the disparity of wealth between herself and her neighbors. These kids heard comments about her at home from their parents. Being one of the few legacy home owners in the area, newer home owners could make seemingly innocent comments - "when she dies, someone will finally get those ugly drains fixed. She certainly couldn't afford that house now" - that kids view as permission to trivialize Karen's existence, harass her, tell her explicitly how she doesn't fit into their world.

    Think this doesn't happen in the real world?
    You have missed my point. Of course that happens. Of course these stupid kids got these attitudes from what they overheard at home. The fact remains that she still lives in the same neighborhood and maintains her home, pays the same taxes, etc. Hell, I live in a neighborhood of homes well over 100 years old. I have some older neighbors who paid under 45k about 50 years ago. I bought mine for more than 300k a little over 17 years ago. The house 4 doors down recently sold for 1.7 and they don't even have the addition my home has. There is no way that I, or many of my neighbors, could afford our homes now but we are still paying the same for the benefits of living there and live at the same standard as those coming in at the current prices. In fact, many of us live at a higher standard because we are not saddled with an outrageous mortgage.
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    All the boys who tormented her should be rewarded with a few weeks at a camping retreat with Jerry Sandusky.
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    Or we could try the BoogsBun method of Timeout with Enya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    Or we could try the BoogsBun method of Timeout with Enya.
    LMAO, and don't forget the watching of C-Span.

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    She has now received several apology letters. They also held and anti-bullying rally at the school last night.

    By Ameerah Pargo

    Story Published: Jun 22, 2012 at 6:25 AM PDT
    Story Updated: Jun 22, 2012 at 7:56 AM PDT )

    Two of the four middle school bullies have issued statements of apology to a 68-year-old school bus monitor, Karen Klein, who they verbally abused while riding the bus. The entire incident was caught on camera.

    Klein, who is from New York, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, to discuss the tormenting ride that left her in tears, the New York Daily News reported.

    She expressed although it was a nice gesture, the apologies sound too good to be true. Klein doubts the other two bullies will ever apologize.

    Over $450,000 in donations has been raised according to the paper, in addition to receiving a paid trip to Disneyland for her and her family.

    The taunters reviewed the viral video that received over four million views on You Tube, here's what they had to say.

    "I wish I had never done those things, if that had happened to someone in my family like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them," Wesly, one of the bullies state.

    "I am sorry for the way I treated you, When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that," said the other.

    The father of one of the bullies reports death threats to ABC News.

    "Even if he wasn't picking on me, it was something else, so I just don't think I would believe anything Josh had to say. I want to make sure that they never do this again to anybody," Klein responded.

    Although the incident is under investigation, Klein does not think that she will press charges, the article reports.
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    i couldn't bring myself to watch those videos but i saw a clip on cnn where they are calling her fat and said her family committed suicide to get away from her. poor woman! there are way too many little shits running around unchecked in this world.
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    So only two of them bothered to apologise? Nice

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    I couldn't watch the entire just boiled my blood watching those little assholes taunt her and saying all those horrific things. And one of those little shits kept touching her hair and touching her fat rolls as he called it. If the name calling didn't set me off, I def would have lost my shit if that little asshole laid a finger on me. I didn't watch the video at first because I thought it was just a little taunting blown out of proportion, but after watching that video I can't believe how horrible kids these days have become. I'm only in my twenties so those middle school days aren't that long ago but I know bullies back in my day were no where near as bad as those monsters on the video. At least the kids knew well enough to respect their elders. I just wanted to jump through my computer screen and knock every single one of those fuckers out. This is one of the reasons that I just don't think I can ever have kids of my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quazar View Post
    If one of my hypothetical kids did something like this, I'd have to take a long hard look at how and why I failed miserably as a parent. I can't imagine what kind of parents raised these monsters.
    Typical normal people. The same kind of people who are sitting here outraged at her behavior are probably the type that will call other women cunts and sluts, mock their appearance, tell them to fuck off, tell people to DIAF or wish they would be murdered and think it's funny. People never notice when they do it, only when someone else does. Most of the commentary about this is showing up where in the replies people are attacking each other the exact same way or are on a site where people sit around trashing other people in the news the exact same way.

    The outrage is a bit hypocritical.

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    Monk you are FULL OF SHIT and that's all of the time that I'll waste on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monk View Post
    Typical normal people. The same kind of people who are sitting here outraged at her behavior are probably the type that will call other women cunts and sluts, mock their appearance, tell them to fuck off, tell people to DIAF or wish they would be murdered and think it's funny. People never notice when they do it, only when someone else does. Most of the commentary about this is showing up where in the replies people are attacking each other the exact same way or are on a site where people sit around trashing other people in the news the exact same way.

    The outrage is a bit hypocritical.

    Take your sanctimony and stuff it in your arse. There's a world of difference between snarking about celebs on a website and acting this way to people in real life.

    Fucking humorless bint.
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