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Thread: Florida boy of four shoots mother

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    it's only 'socialism' if the person seeking entitlements is a black single mother. if it's a white, god fearin', gun totin' 'murrican, then it's her god given right, dammit! she earned it by fighting for your freedoms, sluce.
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    Well if there's any paralysis involved, hopefully it won't affect her ability to fire her guns from her wheelchair!
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    Apparently her mother is calling it an accident and saying that they aren't criminals. Well ok, but...

    An accident is something that happens unexpectedly or unintentionally. Leaving a loaded gun on the back seat of a vehicle with a small child was incredibly negligent, meaning that this shooting was entirely preventable, and therefore not an accident.

    She's a victim, not a criminal? Then we'll just ignore the child negligence/endangerment issues, the shoplifting (using her child in his stroller as a cover), the DUI's....

    This article is a rehash of everything that has been said before so I'm not posting it in its entirety but this part chilled me:

    She [the grandmother] said: ‘The Sheriff hasn’t spoken to her as far as I know. Why would he? And they’ve not spoken to him either,’ she added pointing at her blonde-haired grandson.
    As she spoke he held a plastic T-Rex toy up like a gun, taking aim and rapidly pulling the trigger to make it snap.

    Pro-gun mom Jamie Gilt shot by her son STOLE $500 of children's clothes | Daily Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    Right now, she's not even in any shape to be interviewed. I've only ever used a .22 but wonder, wouldn't a .45 punch one hell of a hole in someone?
    Yes,a shocking punch. She might use this time to reflect what she would be feeling like had she left an ak47 in the back seat.
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    I hate guns. HATE them. I have never touched one in my life. Admittedly, I have a dirty lens because my cousin was killed while cleaning a gun (rifle? shotgun? something like that) after hunting with his dad. He was 9. I was with my grandmother (his aunt) when she got the call and I will never, ever forget the anguished scream that she let out. And these were people who were all about gun safety and teaching their kids how to handle them carefully. I was a little kid when that happened and I have been terrified of guns ever since.
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    What amazes me most is not a single lesson was learned that day, I'm entirely sure of that. There's probably not a single change in her mentality.

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    I love skeet shooting and target shooting... have taken gun safety classes with my kids... but I won't have a gun in the house. (Or car!) As for protection, I have dogs. I live in an area very big on hunting, but we are pretty much vegan. (I love cheese though, so can't completely commit, lol.) I just think having a gun is more dangerous than locking my doors and letting my dogs bark at strangers. Too many stupid, tragic incidents happen when guns are available.
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