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Thread: Father drops toddler from hi-rise building in NYC, jumps to his death custody battle

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    When I read stories like these, I think I try to convince myself the parents must have been mentally ill. I can't wrap my head around any mother or father doing something like this as an act of revenge. Maybe it's weird, but I find a small comfort believing the father was sick and maybe thought he was somehow "saving" his son. The alternative, that his need to punish his ex outweighed his love for his son, is too heartbreaking to accept.

    I also find it more upsetting when the child is old enough to understand what is happening. I can't imagine the fear this little boy felt.
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    Two notorious cases here in recent years. Both involved bitter divorces and custody disputes. The first was a man who drove his car into a dam with his three sons strapped in the back and left them to drown. He claimed it was an accident but the jury didn't believe him so he's now in jail forever. The other was a man who stopped his car on the huge Westgate bridge and calmly dropped his little daughter over the side while her two brothers watched. He never came up with any kind of explanation (maybe because there isn't one? ) and he's gone to jail too. Sometimes I wish we had capital punishment.
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    God this scares the shit out of me. My cousin and one of besties is in a divorce/custody battle and I could so see him pulling this shit. He hasn't returned the youngest today and I had to go pick up the middle one and take her to a different place today because he was calling and threatening her. She called the cops and they said there wasn't nothing they could do(because they've been called out so many times) I told her to call the fucking sheriff he is fucking with court ordered custody matters. I'd personally like to kick his ass for him.
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