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Thread: Child taken from womb by social services

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    ^ Yes they held her against her will as she was detained under the mental health act. That's what happens. Obviously she was in a very bad way for them to take such actions.

    From what I've been reading she was in an 'excitable' state because she thought she had lost the passports for her other children (who were in Italy). They told her that she was being taken to hospital so they could check that her unborn baby was ok but was instead she was taken to a psychiatric facility and placed in lockdown. The woman became understandably upset after being held for five weeks and started asking why she wasn't being given a release date to return to Italy, and it was at that point it was applied to the Courts to allow a c-section to be performed. The woman was told that she wasn't allowed breakfast that day and when she protested about her treatment she was heavily sedated and woke up in a different hospital and no longer pregnant. She was then deported to Italy.

    Here's another case involving Essex SS. This time they tried to get a Court Order banning a father from seeking the assistance of his local MP to find out why his children had been taken from him.

    Why did social services take my children away? (From Echo)

    A quick google shows up lots and lots of results from sites such as mumsnet, netmums and specific forums supporting people who feel they have been wrongly targeted by SS. This is an ongoing problem that is being perpetuated by the extreme secrecy they are being allowed to operate under.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post

    Here's another case involving Essex SS.
    That's a very chilling moniker. Appropriate.
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    sarzy's link is no longer available to me. It said that the woman saw her child after birth and that the whole thing did not go down as brutally as described only from her side. It was also stated that she doesn't have custody of her two previous children (if I remember correctly). Now, if the Italian state took her other two children, my guess is that they had reasons. If there is a general overreaction from British Social Services is not something I can comment on.
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    This is an ongoing problem that is being perpetuated by the extreme secrecy they are being allowed to operate under.
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    Whatever the real and true story is, a hospital and agency does not sedate a woman and remove a baby. Everyone needs an advocate. It's too barbaric to imagine. Did they rape her after the C-section? I'm sorry for such a crack but jesus christ.

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    I'm all for a child being taken away from an abusive situation or from a parent that had demonstrated they are unable to care for a child. I'm not OK with a woman being sedated and having a child removed from her body. The circumstances would have to be very, very extreme for me to agree with it. Perhaps if the woman were actively stabbing herself in the belly or if she had attempted suicide and surgery needed to be performed to save her life and the life of the baby.

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